Nice little bolero for ya before i go to bed. But quick run down of whats been goin down. Im at Children’s on GI service so its pretty serious. Presentations are no joke with these kids, i have to get my skills up to the point where it doesnt matter who the attending is, i can do a stellar job and knock their pants off. That’s one point, next point is that I gotta step my game up on all levels. I gotta find some way to get life and all its responsibilities taken care off and also get school, rotations, and study in general all in check…

its hard but somehow it can and will be done

next, I have seriously been more and more interested in getting my Spanish better. I have a only Spanish speaking patient mom and I watched my intern do an interview in Spanish. I understood what was going on, which made me proud of myself, now i just gotta get my speaking and grammar going. If i can get this stuff straight i will be making serious moves in the right direction. I have the Spanish grammar book that i work on when im bored/cant study/ random free moments and i feel like if i can get through the whole book by years end I’ll be awesome.

Dang, i GOTTA hit the sack, but one more thing lolIm also in ethics this semester, and though i had some thoughts about it being a bore, i find myself really getting into the subject matter and discussions. Thats always a great thing, it will feel a lot less like drudgery if i actually do find it interesting.. so all in all a good day. I learned a lot, and i know many things that i didnt know yesterday at this same time. So today was a very good day

buenas noches


How could i forget!

Check the Where the Wild Things Are soundtrack at Imeem. Karen O is a force of nature






late nite cool

some sexy cool bossa nova


200th POST


200 hundredth post. Thats sayin a lot cause I dont harldy post on this thing enough. I dont know who exactly reads my blog, i think nowadays its more for me than anything else. I guess its some kinda therapy to let out my creative energy [i guess the blog and my thought book {journal sounds gay lol}].
I remember when i started this blog, first year. I put random funny youtube clips up and probly had nothing to say. Sometimes i go back in the archives to see how far i’ve come. I try not to put too much personal stuff up, no names or anything cause its not like that. this is just an outlet, you know i talk about real stuff and also put up cool things that i see on the street or on the web.
Yeah, so I guess at this point in my journey as i make another transition, I see the vail that covers my future slowly being lifted. Im making big steps towards something, so not to be presumptuous I’ll just say that im seeing things that i need to see and starting to be real about this career and dream im chasing.
thats all for now. About my Bronx trip in a few minutes, i gotta grab a bite

Thank you GQ will put you on to some really good shit sometimes. That newBenz, those huaraches and of course Olivia Wilde [dare i say THE sleeper of the past 5 years]
man o man