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I know its late… But Geez, This dude Kanye

Sit at the table

“The rich are always going to say that, you know, just give us more money and we’ll go out and spend more and then it will all trickle down to the rest of you. But that has not worked the last 10 years, and I hope the American public is catching on.”

-Warren Buffett-

Sadly Mr. Buffett, The “conservatives”, and the huge section of America on the right still thinks that trickle down economics works. Personally, I dont want the crumbs that fall from the super rich’s table. I’ll take a double order of empowerment and a side of respect. Thank you very much


This month has been AMAZING. Every day I learn new things and get great insight into the possibilities ahead. Its amazing to see people, doctors, doing some powerful work. Everyday physician activists and real movers and shakers come in and speak with us about our activism projects and the work they do. Mind you, this whole world is something I barely knew existed a few months ago. And now its this very real, very serious career path. I’ve met so many progressive docs making a¬†difference. My only problem is now I’ve been inundated with so much, so many possibilites and pathways to make this into a career.

I find myself empowered and energized, but also confused. Its such a beautiful predicament. I’m grateful for the fact that now I’m being exposed to more options, great advice and meeting amazing people, but as things get more clear they are more complicated. I have a lot to think about about life and residency and my career. As frustrating as it is at time, Im still happy and grateful that I’m in this situation. Because things could be worse…



enjoy the serenade

A statute of liberty

“Give me your tired, your poor,

Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,

The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.

Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,

I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”

-Emma Lazarus-


The new album from the most hyped band of 07,Vampire Weekend,  is due out next tuesday. They have the entire album, Contra, streaming on myspace
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The  CD has that great sing-a-long quality that I love about VW.  With Contra they have obviously grown. They didnt stray too far away from their original sound on most tracks, which is great, they just experiment with a few more genres and  sounds [even a little autotune [thankfully its NOT in a very T-pain way]
There are a few gems that stick out though besides the killer lead singles, Horchata and Cousins. 

-The aptly named song Holiday is great, it feels like a banger to blast while driving away from school at the end of the year, its def gonna make a few summer soundtracks. Speaking of which, God I miss summer, especially on a day like today… its freezing like hell outside.

Taxi cab has a sleepy 80s pop feel, the strings and piano give it this great energy which is different from other VW stuff but a great change.

Run has the classic VW sound just with extra layers of goodness added to the production.

Verdict: overall I give it a solid NICE [lol] and pretty much I cant wait to get if from amazons mp3 store next week.

*** if you want an afro popy band with real Africans check out these dudes


New Years Parties…

– Every year there is such a big hype around what people are doing for New Years. People spend ridiculous amounts of money to go to these big new years parties and things at clubs and lounges all over. They pay even more than the usually inflated club prices for the same liquor they can get at the corner store for like $25 a bottle. Girls go crazy looking for that perfect skimpy little dress to wear in the freezing cold just to look good for some drunk dudes who could really give a damn [“as long as you breathing baby”]. Its kinda ridiculous. And the countdown… People are too drunk to even know what the hell is goin on. Last year the countdown was so unorganized  flicted that i was actuallly mad [ like I came out for THIS?!]. I didnt wanna post a “Really?” post about Christmas because in my Blackberry group i was damn near crucified for saying the the hype around Christmas day was not warranted, dont get me wrong I LOVE the christmas season and the break because of all the family and friends, I just think people put too much focus on the day itself. Looking for christmas miracles and stuff, aint nothin particularly magical about the day, i think its all in the season. The jews had it right with the whole 8 days of hanukkah.  I guess Im just not a fan for the hype of any one day lol.

But back to New Years… So my question is Really? Are New Years parties really worth it? Is all the hype and money and effort really worth it, when going out on new years is just like anyother night? If thats the case I should make a club called club new year, where everynight you party like its a new year, count downs and all lol. There are much better things that you can do to bring in the new year. Like go to a more personal get together with friends or family. Those are always more fun and you have less chance of starting the new year waking up next to a big regret lol.

what ever you do be safe and have fun

Much ado about the xx?

For this new aspect of the blog, i’ll just go over things that I hear or trends that are on the radar. I’ll evaluate them and give my opinion, because some of this stuff out there will have you instantly hooked, or scratching your head like, “Reallly? This is ish is popular?”

Claim: Up and coming South London band The xx is the next “it” group

Verdict: Maybe not the second coming, but much promise… They have a pretty distinct sound, which is always a plus. Their music could technically be placed in a genre, but it crosses some boundaries [another plus].  I get the hints of sca and the obvious new wave vibe too.  They a few songs from their myspace sound like it would totally be a late 00’s version of John Hughes movie fodder [gotta love their aaliyah cover]. I basically just really hate bands that sound like everyone else. I also like the male female leads. I like the interplay they have on crystalised. Their sleepy sound is kind of refreshing when everyone else is screaming they stay at a steady rumble. Which has worked thus far to get them noticed.