yo, human giant is killin just about anything else on tv. I youtubed a couple clips this morning and was laughin my behind off. Here are some of my favorites


Its about that time and i got a lot of things on my mind.
First off, im happy that my cardio test wasnt a total bomb, and that spring is comin up. In the midst of my pulmonology section if still found the time to obsese about some really hot things.

I found this great vampire weekend tract from a Radiohead tribute CD for their killer album “ok computer”. I like the song so much i copped the original CD, its pretty friggin awesome, better than in rainbows. But besides all the alt stuff, i been plagued by that dang song “touch my body” for a month. I hate girly pop/r&b but it is good, and the remix with the dream makes it definitely HOT.

I love plaintains. I know it sound greedy as hell, but i love em. They are the potatoes of Central America, you can have em starchy or sweet. So i guess i’m showin my ethnic side but dang im bout to fry some up now lol

I like straw fedoras, im tryin to cop one before spring, i just gotta decide between a stussy one and this other hat i saw from brixton ltd.

Ok, i haven’t seen a movie since… o yeah i did see Horton. Never mind, i dont know why but i wanna see that super hero movie. Maybe its just cause i like Tracey Morgan, either way it should be funny.

– Social Trend-
Lookin out. Its nothing new, but doing good deeds for people really is great. When you do a selfless deed it makes you feel as good [if not better] than the person you do it for. I got some stuff comin up next week and i hope it all works out. Lookin out for folk is definitely something that needs to catch on.

hasta luego

cool james dean quote:
“Dream as if you’ll live forever, live as if you’ll die today.”

like this ish

vampire weekend covering radio head

cant complain with that

Vampire WeekendExit Music (For A Film)


I love listening to NPR. I listen to them more than I listen to regular radio. Last week, in the midst of the Obama-Pastor Wright drama, there was a great discussion on with a journalist, a historian, a reverend and my favorite politico out there, Donna Brazile. They talked about the pastors comments, they talked about the “race speech”, racial differences in America and just had a very good discussion.

Even tonite, on my way home from school, there was a discussion on the media and how John McCain is portrayed. They had journalists and callers who had great opinions from various perspectives. All poignant and thought provoking.

The main thing about NPR that i like so much, is the fact that they have no agendas, everything is non partisan. They talk about world issues, local issues, culture, art, music, the environment. I guess I’m just over CNN and all these media outlets trying to tell people what and how to think. There is so much more happening in the world and the country that is just ignored. Well, we just started pulmonology so i gotta get to bed.


Hot outkast ish

heard it in the car the other day… sick


its late as heck… I wanted to write a big entry about Barack Obama’s “race speech” but life, and the smoker, and this dang cardio test got in the way. So I’m not gonna say much, except that it was a great and very timely and apropos speech. He talked about race from a perspective that cannot be attained from a degree or a book. Senator Obama has a background that is truly an American story. He sees clearly from both sides of the racial divide that has, over the years gone from out right segregation and hate and morphed into a slew of P.C. and not so P.C. blurbs and social truths.

Barack Obama is one of the most forward thinkers of our time. Despite the outcome of this election people will be reading about Barack Obama, Movies will be made and I will be telling my children about this man.

ok im finally going to bed

Real Quick…

Ima be in the library for another hour, but i just wanted to talk about this french blog i found []. I’ve seen the videos all over the place but i looked through their archive and was very pleased. I found some great artists. I’m also realizing that though i do love big arrangements; stripped down songs that are down to the basics are much better than the studio versions. [maybe its the minimalist in me]

Andrew Bird is a genius and i dont care what you say about Jason Mraz, dude got talent
I have a lot to say about the Obama speech, but thats gonna have to wait till i have some real down time.