Great song


Its always good to go out and get some vacation time. With summer kinda winding down quickly, there is still time to get out there and get a last minute vacay. And remember that Summer aint summer till you get some agua de pipa! lol

-Summer Movies-
For some reason going to the movies is so much better in the summer time. Maybe its the air conditioning or the annual summer blockbuster, but there is some serious nostalgia associated with summer movies.

– Shades-
I like wearing sunglasses. I invested in a new pair from stussy as soon as the weather broke a few months ago. But for some odd reason reason i find it hard to wear shades in cold weather, the sun can be blinding the hell outta me, but I just cant bring myself wear shades in the winter [weird huh?] . So I guess I gotta wear em to death before the cold comes backs lol

I love reading and though i try to read for fun during the school year I find it hard. But since Summer = free time, I found myself ripping through two books this summer. I read a great book that i heard about on NPR, this book has also been on many best books of 09 lists and books of the summer, I talked about it before but i really do like it its Sag Harbor by Colson Whitehead, this book was just a great coming of age story and that felt almost like talking to a friend. I also read this book called The Reluctant Fundamentalist by Mohsin Hamid, this book was about a young Pakistani man and how his life was flipped upside down after 9/11, it also talks about his unrequited love and the inner turmoil he had to deal with. Its a good read, though I dont really like the narrators voice, and the dialog is kinda off at time.

summer is the only season where you can hear a song and know from the very first beat that a song is in fact a “song of summer”. You never hear a song and go, ” Oh, that song is such a fall song” lol
Think about it, so many songs are just vibrant and cheerful and embody the feeling that we all have associated with one of the best seasons. That said I dont think this CD is comin out in summer but Im HELLA excited about this new project from Julian Casablancas. I like that he did a trailor for his CD.

Aight I gotta drive back to DC in the morning so Im goin to bed


Cambio= Change

Have you ever reached a point in your life where you can almost feel yourself becoming someone new? Not in a creepy talented Mr. Ripley kinda way, more like in a personal growth and revelation type thing. I know Im not alone in that every summer of my youth I had visions of grandeur for every summer. I had so many plans and things too accomplish, I had resolutions to start the next school year a totally different person. Those boyhood hopes and dreams rarely materialized and i usually ended up wasting those so precious,and ever so quickly fleeting, moments of summer running around on some prepubescent mission of no particular importance.

Those summers and stories are in the recesses of my mind but as i read Sag Harbor, a coming of age story of a pretty regular kid with a pretty unconventional upbringing in a black enclave in the Hamptoms; I was fondly reminded of my own childhood and my own thoughts and dreams that I had pretty much forgotten. This summer started out stressful, with boards and all, but with that behind me I maintained a level of busyness to keep my sanity but as soon I got to Panama it all changed. I was totally disconnected from the rest of the world, no cell phone, minimal internet access and no watch. I loved every minute of it. There were times where Id just walk off, stuck in a trance or daze. Needless to say, in Panama, I had A LOT of time to reflect and focus on myself and what I was feeling. That felt good, considering I dont have a lot of to do that [or atleast it feels that way] during the school year.

I say all of this to bring up the point that now, after all the thinking and self reflection that I am on the brink of something. Of what it is, I am not sure. But I am sure that I like the feeling, its like Im moving toward something a new awareness or something. I spent time looking at the person I was, as a boy and also faced myself as the man I currently am. Its such an odd feeling because I am exactly dead center in this life altering experience of life. I guess its a good thing to be able to have this self assesment and to put so many things into perspective now. I dont want to wax existentially or anything I just feel as if what ever it is im at the cusp of Im willing to accept this change. Because I know that change is growth. Im not afraid. Nope, not one bit



I had a pretty eventful summer thus far. I was locked in a library for the first third of the summer, stuck in central america for the second and now for the final part, im in North Carolina doing some work at a hospital. I relaxed SO much in Panama,but the whole time I felt this little thing in the back of my head saying that I need to get back on the grind… I guess Im a little masochistic or something lol.

more to come later