New Find!

So I was on a study break yesterday, and I went to the Rita’s water ice in Adams Morgan.  Next to to the Rita’s was a Stussy shop and a Common wealth. Common wealth was aight, a little over priced for nothin, but I’ve been meaning to go to that Stussy store ever since I heard it was there… well, naturally I went in and was pleased with what I saw.The store was pretty dope. I the vibe of the sotre and their selection [the Tribe Called Quest playing in the background just added to the experience].

 Unfortunately, they didn’t have the Increase the Peace shirt that I was looking for, but they did have some great shades. I’ve been in the market for some new shades so,to cut a not so long story shorter, I copped these Stussy Coltrane shades. They are pretty dope, i was kinda lookin to buy some wayfarers but i decided to hold off until may later. I dont wanna be too cliche. But whatever, back to peripheral neuropathy  check ya later





I went to a pot luck this weekend, after church, and we sat around shooting the breeze and lookin at youtube clips. I was shown one of the funniest clips EVER. Its almost unreal how ignorant these niggas are lol
i’ll include the ciara video just for kicks lol

aight, back to books




5 hot things

its been a rough week. but i still have 5 hot things that i wanna share with the world

GQ has an article about the son of the director of Mad Men. That show is crazy stylized and pretty awesome [well, what i’ve seen of it so far any ways]. But this kid is crazy, he has his own style and cant any older than 12. I think its cool that he has all this going on, i just hope he doesn’t turn out gay… cause you know how them fashiony lil boys turn out lol
check the link

The Dream’s album came out last Tuesday. I was just able to go cop it today cause last week was crazy, to say the least. I had this song early, and i like the album version better than the one i got, that was leaked earlier.
Besides board prep books i haven’t had anytime to do any outside reading. So I’m giving big ups to BRS Pathology lol. I do wanna probably read my Junot Diaz books again.
For the past two weeks i’ve had Across the Universe and Used to Be by beach house in my head. Those songs are just great. I’ve had used to be on repeat non stop.
This weekend my Cousin and his wife came up. I got pretty adventurous and we went to an Ethiopian restaurant, Dunkem, on U street. It was pretty good, they cook their fish like us Panamenos do [ pescado frito is my favorite]. I also had some South indian food Saturday night too. [Dosas are bangin] So i must say,that mixing up the culinary routine can be pretty satisfying

BOARDS….[instert dramatic music]

There comes a time in every second year medical students life when they come to the harsh realization that the USMLE STEP 1 is fast approaching despite the fact that they may not feel ready. Well, that time has come and gone for me and i have yet to get as serious as i need to be. SO, the next step is getting my ish together and getting things done. I think i have a tentative date to sit for the exam, so with that all but etched in stone, i have a plan of attack. After the we kill the smoker on Thursday i will officially be M.I.A. Im going into a dark hole somewhere and will only come up for air, food, and church on the weekends. Its not a game

One more note. Last week i spoke with a doctor, whom i greatly look up to and respect, he gave me some invaluable advice on getting through medical school and preparing myself for the boards and becoming an internist. Im really going to start taking charge of my life and my path. I definitely live by the mantra of No Hay Duda, i just have to make sure that i do my part while maintaining  my faith and belief that this is the direction i’m meant to take. Nothing is gonna  just fall in my lap.

So let me get back to these lectures. later today, i will post some new cosas calientes and maybe some more music thats in my head. but till then be easy

I love live music

Beach House: Used to Be from on Vimeo.