Mis Cosas


For some odd reason I resisted liking Kid Cudi. Maybe it was cause he is Kanye’s protege, or the fact that i didn’t really like the song he was was featured in on 808’s. But I listened to and watched his new video for Day n Nite. I also downloaded his mix tape, A kid named Cudi, and im basically now sold. Im a fan… check this video and i think you’ll see why
-Shout Out-
the new GQ with Justin Timberlake on the cover came to my house earlier this week. I was thumbing through it and they talked about great vacation spots that aren’t expensive. They talked about three central american locales and Panama city got a shout out. They even gave The Gamboa Rainforest Resort a shout, that the resort in the village where my mom is from.
The last movie i saw was Slumdog millionaire [and loved it]. I am going this weekend to catch something, cause im stressed as hell … but it seems like a lot of movies are comin out March 20th. So i guess i got a movie ditch day comin soon
I bought these new cole haan loafers a few weeks ago. I love them. They look cool, the feel cool, and they also got a shout out in the new GQ. [im so “In”]
Im searching for a new book to read. I was reading the Colin book, but i got a little annoyed after reading the chapter about the invasion of Panama, and the fact that he started getting real preachy during the George HW. Bush years. So now im looking for something new. I have the Stokely Carmichael book, but i cant take all the black power stuff now. I think i need a fiction book thats more feel good. I’ll keep you posted on what i decide
well back to class…

Cover Love

A couple of dope  covers of artists i love by artists i love.

beatles cover [liked the video]

Elvis cover

BeeGee’s cover

In other news…

Ok Chris brown hit Rihanna

its bad to hit a woman, granted, but all im sayin is that sometimes women take that crap for granted. A man can take but so much. So not really condoning it, all im sayin is that sometimes people get what they deserve.

thats my two cents

I love SNL

A music blog that i frequent, stereogum, has a video blog counterpart, videogum. I was doing some browsing and found something that i stumbled on before but somehow forgot about. They do this SNL thing with just the funny stuff, with the major highlights from the most recent episodes.

Im pretty amped to find out that Alec Baldwin, my new favorite actor lol, is doing SNL this Saturday. Which also happens to be valentines day. So since i def wont be sitting around watching SNL on Saturday, im pretty happy i will be able to get the good stuff after the V-day rush is over.

Here is the link to this past Saturday’s episode:



Its my birthday

im actually a little excited

go figure