yup, its the last post of the year on the last day of the year. What a year its been…

Seems like yesterday i packed up Vita and hit the dusty trail, leaving my old life behind as a naive undergrad. Now I’m on the grind out in our nation’s capital in Med school. The Big Guy upstairs has been very good to me. I just thank him everyday for how he’s blessed me. So as I enter into 2008, i will forever remember the lessons learned this year and cherish the memories that Ive accumulated over the last 12 months.
2007 was a Very good year, but 08 has the makings of Greatness.
Peace Love& Auld Lang Syne

Resolving Revolving Resolutions

I sometimes wish i was one of those people who could do whatever they wanted and not thing once about any repercussions. I sometimes wish i could one of those “Manly men” who could sit around and watch sports all day. I wish a lot of things but i realized that everything Im not really does make me who i am.

I wouldn’t be me if i did some stuff and acted certain ways. I love me and i aint tryin to change it if its not really for the better. I pride myself in a lot of things that im not. [I’m not a lie, a cheat, or a theif]. So this year, no Im not gonna try to change myself by promising to do the revolving resolutions that fizzle out by February. This year I’m trying something new, Im just gonna add to the list of things that Im not.

IN 2008…
-I’m NOT gonna be lazy
-I’m NOT gonna be a procrastinator
-I’m NOT gonna wasteful
-I’m NOT gonna be so shy [yeah i REALLY am shy as hell]
-I’m NOT gonna be an over thinker[ livin life is sometimes about livin in the dang moment. took my ass damn near 23 years to learn that shit]
-I’m NOT gonna be dumb [and hand Balleys a check every month for nothinlol]
-Finally, I’m NOT gonna be beat. I wont let situations or this medschool thing beat me.
Ya see, When you add up all these negatives, it all amounts to a positive change.



Yeah, its 4:30

and yeah reunions are great. Some things never change, and thats a great thing.
good nite



Every time i hear about a terrorist attack in the world i cringe. I cringe for the victims, who undeservedly were stricken down and i also cringe for what it means for us. A lot of us in the US don’t know [or care] about events that happen in the world. But especially now, with a new president coming to power soon, these things matter. Fear is one of the most primitive and powerful emotions, and fear is what a lot of people will capitalize on to make unfair reforms and also take liberties that aren’t theirs [ ie-wire tapping… torturing…Selling out Valerie Wilson…all in the name of democracy].

There is an old trite saying that “you fear what you don’t know” so i know I’ve been trying to stay abreast of the happenings in the world. I know that there are some really exciting “I love the What evers” on VH1 and I hear American Idol is coming back; But seriously, please peel your eyes away to find out whats going on in the world. And dont just trust CNN, [everyone has a bias] BBC and other reputable internet sources are good too[I wiki for the back story].That way you wont be swayed by fear [and ignorance] when the rhetoric from politicos starts spewing; especially after events like the bringing down of Bhutto.

God bless her soul… and ours

All These Things that I’ve Done…

Thats the title of one of my favorite Killers songs. The song has a killer [for lack of a better term] vamp, it starts with a line that almost takes you to church. They chant “I got soul but, I’m not a soldier” it cranks up to a big crescendo, and the rest is music at its best.

Yeah, i have a pretty eclectic taste in music. I dont say it to come off narcissistic or go into a rodomontade [ i been waiting a week to use that word lol]. I think its just a personal quirk i have. Anyhow, I like old music. I have an old soul, and I’ve always had an affinity for old things. This has saturated most aspects of my life. Music, Cars, Literature,Philosophy and even clothing & style [to some extent]

Well i said all that to say that I just scooped an old record from The Police. Im an 80’s music buff, and im especially fond of the affected British bands [Like The Smiths, The Cure, Duran Duran]. The police are my favorite because you can feel their reggae influence on most of their songs.

So yeah….Uh, more later i guess
peace& love

EXTREME Blogging

Dont you hate how everything is advertised as EXTREME this or MEGA that? lol anyway… The year is quickly closing and its about time for everyone to sit around an reflect on what a year 2007 was. Everyone talks about the high lights and the low lights, The TV shows have called in their hordes of commentators to present their own fresh barbs about some Hollywood A Lister who either went to rehab or called some on the N word. Well, im not pretentious enough to say im above doing it. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this year and this blog. I think ive pretty much succeeded in keeping it light hearted [I mean i’ve only posted a few flashes of creativity and/or out pourings early 20’s angst]. Well I guess i’ll just make my top 5 list for the year and end with a little challenge for everyone out there.

[no this isn’t the last post of the year, i just feel like if i dont do it now, i may forget before the new years comes]

This is a tough one… [i could tell you the worst movie, that shit load Golden Compass lol] I havent seen nearly as many movies this year as past years, but one thing for sure, is that it was a pretty awesome year for movies. Transformers, I am legend, Knocked up, SUPERBAD, Oceans 13, 300…. I kinda cant choose, i guess i like all of those but in light of the holiday season i’ll go for my sentimental reasons and im gonna have to say Death Proof.

Not for acting or anything like that, though the movie was good and i could watch that ish over and over. I just really had a good time when i saw it. I went with my brother and it was some good memories thats all…. [i know it sounds sappy, but its my damn blog lol]

Umbrella… Im sorry, no song was in my head as much, or banged as hard this year. Im man enough to admit that i was on that Umbrella. And dont get me started on the chris brown remix lol

Uh… I did actually read this year. The thing is, with books there are so many treasures out there already that i dont read that many new books, i read classics, biographies and the occasional political book. But this summer I read ROOTS. That ish was serious. I even had the opportunity to go Annapolis and see the Alex Haley statue. I never saw the mini series, but after reading all 700 plus pages i think i can still keep my “black card”

Dang this is a hard one too… I liked a lot of things that came into style this year. I hated a lot too, and being in DC i think i had the chance to see much more weird and wacky thing. But i think the one style thing that really caught on this year was Grey Denim. I like it cause it can be formal and dressy, hip hop or punk rock. Grey demin is tight.

-TV show-
My favorite TV show to come out this year was an online TV show. Its at I was lookin up stuff about arrested development and found some Michael cera website, so i checked it out and it was funny as hell, i watched the whole web series and i was kinda bummed when they ended.

Ok my little challenge for yall good people…
I wish the idea was my own but its not… not totally at least, i got the main idea from a good friend and i modified the idea just a little bit. Ok here it goes.
1. Grab a piece of paper
2. grab a pen [i like blue pens, black is wack lol]
3. Sit down
4. Think about the year, meditate, breathe, pray, do what ever you want just think about this past year
5. Now put the pen to paper and write down some goals for 2008 more than 5 but less than 20 [we dont wanna set ourselves up]
6. Fold the paper up and put it in a safe place.

Try to remember those things but once you’ve written stuff leave it alone. Just leave it in that safe spot until like June or July and see how far you’ve come. The future you is gonna be totally different from the you of today, and Current you owes it to future You to get out there and make things happen. I’m a firm believer in mind over matter and moderate existentialism; I also personally know that positive vibes bring about positive results. Stick to your guns and write down some serious goals you have, you can do it.
You may be surprised

“current” Ju lol

Sam Cooke

I been on a Sam Cooke kick these past few days. Dude had some soul.