One more thing

I found something AMAZING on youtube. So I know what I’ll be watching when i get back, its a movie about the Buena Vista Social Club, a whole movie. I cant go into it on account of I need my rest. But know that they were the heart and soul of the cuban music movement and a major influence on latin music.

Georgia On My Mind

The funny thing about going away to school is that in your mind things at home are in a suspended animation that begins the moment you left. For me it felt like that all throughout high school, Id go off to school and when i’d come back everything and everyone was pretty much the same. But in undergrad and especially med school, every time i go home would be drastically different.

Besides the renovation binge that my parents went on [and are still in the midst of], the fabric of family life seems to have changed. Not in my nuclear family per se, besides the big wedding last summer, just family in general. I guess as you get older those little family spats and problems that where so well concealed aren’t so hidden behind that vale parents used to put up. Now is the time where you really begin to see your parents through adult eyes, not those of a snot nosed tween or a know it all manic teen. I see my parents for the man and woman that they are. I can appreciate them so much more than I ever have. But with this more discerning eye of course you see all the other personalities and idiosyncrasies that make up families. At first it was hard to come to terms with the fact that some major players in your boyhood are no longer present. Its hard to comprehend the fact that real life happens to everyone. People and pets die. People get divorced. People fall in and out of love… its life.
Im very grateful [and aware] that I was shielded from a lot of the harsh realities of life, many people are not so lucky. I know that in spite of anything that may change or the people who pass through my life experience that I have good loving people in my corner. Growing up is hard to do but just as with most things in life. For all the countless joys and extraordinary acts of love there are the down moments and pains that provide that counterbalance in the natural way of things.
Well, with all that said…
It feels good to be home
on that note… im off to bed. Driving up to South Carolina in the morning

Full circle

This has been a pretty eventful year, between all the problems in class and just getting ready for the boards. There have been all types of break downs and freak outs going on all around at school, for good reason, but still. And I’ve maintained the stoicism I’ve tried to cultivate over the years, It worked till last night. I hit a “wall” at school around 11 and the reality of taking the boards and the fact that Im not ready [No body is “ready”, ready is like tomorrow, its something you dream of but never physically touch]. So it took me a few hours after I got home to just settle down and come to terms about this. I have no doubt that this is what I am supposed to be doing. I also have no doubt that everything is going to work out, its just hard because sometimes you live in the moment. You live in the moment where things appear insurmountable, when all the odds are against you. When you lose focus of the bigger picture and you look at yourself in that one moment in time, that is when you start to question yourself and get those uneasy feelings.

So today I just chilled, shaved my beard [lol], got some supplies for the big day and went to the testing center, on the way back from DC i was listening to Tell Me More, on NPR. I’ve always like the program and for reasons beyond me, Junot Diaz was on. He wrote two of the realest books I’ve ever read, The Brief Wondrous life of Oscar Wao and Drown. He was talking about his books and just about life and stuff and It just really put everything in perspective. In some odd way, I had a moment of clarity, though nothing he said spoke directly to me, I had a calm come over me. I knew from then on that tomorrow and the rest of my time in Med school is gonna be OK. I know that sometimes I dont do the right thing and that I dont deserve the things that I do have, but God looks out. He really does, And what I have in store for me is mine. No STEP 1 or anything is gonna hold me back… So I say bring it on

Ok computer


For those people who complain every time a race card is pulled. And for the people who think that we live in a post racial society. We can forgive, but never forget.

-This picture is from 1930-

5 hot things

its late…. but i got 5 hot things to put out there before i know out

-Nature Boy-
not just a song, I havent gotten a haircut in a while and i’ve even gone sans shave for about a month. I think its just cool to go sometimes au natural[face that is]. And in case you were wondering why the rastas dont cut their hair either here ya go

Leviticus 21:5 “They shall not make baldness upon their head, neither shall they shave off the corner of their beard, nor make any cuttings in the flesh.”

 Im doing it for Jah!

It feels like sometimes it takes you looking from the outside in on someone Else’s situation to really get to see
 the things that are going on in your life. Recent events [that shall remain unnamed] happened in a friend of mines life. It just confirmed that we, as people, have to be responsible but in the end, We cant live our lives unhappy or with regret just to make other people happy… ya get what i mean?

I went to Julias Empanadas today for lunch/dinner, and Boy o Boy, i had a bangin ass empanada. I had a saltena. It was bangin, and yet another reason why spanish food is my favorite.

I really really havent had time to focus my attention on much street fashion or anything, with the whole boards thing and all, and i couldnt even tell you the last time i went shopping in a mal. But one thing i do like is a nice pair of Jeans. I love these jeans i got last week, these Obey Juvee Jeans. They are fitted but not stiff or on the other end of the spectrum spandexy and junk.  

Love is life. Love is a movement, a feeling a song. the The power of love can heal all hurt and right all wrongs. It the most powerful word, its the person place or thing that people spend their whole lives looking for. And if they find it they ought never let go

i guess that was a little free style somethin or other [felt artsy so suit me]

Anyways… of to bed

Paz y amor


Just caught wind [ lol when you think about that phrase its kinda funny] of a new band. Little Joy, the lead dude is the drummer from The Strokes, Fabrizio Moretti.  The group is really mello and has a def strokes influence but is very different. I bought the CD today on itunes. Here are a couple tracks


Ready, Able


Yeah, its June first….already, And Im still trying to figure out where january-may went. Time is going by a little too fast for my liking. Not that I mind it, I just wanna be over and done with the boards and back to some kind of normal existence. I happy that my studies and stuff are going well, because Im demystifying some things that I was kinda confused about during the mad rush of second year. So i guess enlightenment is always a good thing

In other news… I love summer time. I like the warmth and I like the fact that i barely have to wear socks lol. Me and my big feet like to breath down there. I also like driving with the windows down with a good CD playing in the background. [speacking of which, i still cant get enough of the new Grizzly Bear… Ready, Able and Two weeks are my shit]. I really find joy in the simple things in life. So when i get back to normalcy I’ll sit down and read a couple books. I have my eyes set on finishing Candide, and the Stokely Carmichael biography.  I also recentlybought a book of poetry from the spanish poet Federico Garcia Lorca, Its a bilingual book so that should be good. 

The other day I bought a Journal, just a black hard back bound book. I wanna use it to start collecting my thoughts and ideas and stuff i like. I also think i wanna start drawing again, nothin too serious just doodles and stuff. IDK i just wanna do more stuff for me so yeah. Uh I guess I’ll get back on focus cause the final countdown has begun… so Im out..
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peace & love