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American Gangster, i got it kinda late… but hey better late than never. This album is great and i usually dont get down with rap CDs that aint hook heavy or finger snappin.
-Fashion trend-
Layers… Shit its cold outside lol
-Past time-
Politisizing, with all these youtube debates and CNN debates a person can get pretty enthralled in the whole political scene.
Michael Jackson on the cover of Ebony. Im pretty glad to see that good ol’ MJ is comin back out of obscurity to do the remake of willy wonka and the chocolate factory… sike i just thought this picture was funny as hell
Thanksgiving! Mazeltov, its a celebration bitches!

and Dang….

Big ups to Kanye, I know i couldnt dream of goin on stage after all he’s been through.



Im lovin music now. The new killers CD, is pretty fresh. I like them dudes, they’re pretty high on my favorite band list [arcade fire would have it if they werent so damn weird…lyrically atleast]. And Im also pretty hooked on that American Gangster, track 9 it the truth. Thanks for the hook up ; ). Yeah, and then of course i like the new alicia keys… even though her voice is a little rough, i’ve always liked her stuff.  Well, the break is right ar0und the corner That means i can finally get my Tribe album from the crib… I been feenin for that Tribe Called Quest Anthology for a while.

Aight, time for some more electric relaxation

The answer my friend is blowin in the wind…

I was listening to an old Bob Dylan song, Blowin in the wing, and it seemed to inspire me. I’ve been hit pretty hard by a lot of disappointments this year and i’ve faced a lot of challenges and i’ve let myself down in a couple things. So i was listening to Dylan and reading when this song came up. I listened to the song twice and remebered hearing them talk about it on NPR. Dylan wrote it in 63′ its basically a war protest song about peace and it asks a lot of the unanswerable questions that our society still faces [and always will for that matter]
I’ve been through a couple rough patches out here in the DMV and i keep a lot of my stuff to myself [cause im basically a pretty private person] but when i start to feel dejected something always comes around to helps me. I’ve realized that there is always room for improvement and that some things happy for you to learn and grow. Its hard to accept cetain things being the way they are.
I remind myself that no matter how bleek things may be they can always be worse.
[ however piteous THAT may sound…well, shoot it helps me sleep at night]
Voltaire taught me that blind optimism is foolish and my life has taught me that realism is the only true science. Real talk is that Im, breathing, im young, smart,talented, [handsome ; )] and i have people who love me, no matter what. Things may be bad, and relatively speaking they may seem to be the worst ever, but i know despite all that; I have a lot going for me and so do you which ever loyal friend and blog reader you may be. Be encouraged, because beyond all the supernatural and pomp and circumstance that we mix up in our rationale, things could be MUCH worse than whatever you are dealing with. The answer really is blowing in the wind. Go outside and take it all in, this is life… aint no body said it’d be easy

Oh yeah, Here is a link to the Dylan song


-found this on the jack spade website-

How Cool is This?


study break time… I found this cool artists work and was really impressed. He’s a London based graphic artist named Jethro Haynes. His drawings are ok, but I think his sneaker sculpure art is pretty friggin dope.



One Day

I was doing a little web surfing the other day and happened upon this picture of Slick rick, from the late 80’s/early 90’s. I know most people probably look at him like he’s a friggin weirdo [and he is lol] but one thing I can admire about this pic is that its ballsy [to say the least].

Not many people can take a picture like this and A) not die from heavy metal poisoning [lol] and B) look so damn cool. I think Slick Rick is a G for this pic and I hope to one day be able to do anything i want and exude nothing but confidence while also lookin fly as hell

Amazing Post of the day

We all grew up being told that pregnancy is a “thing of beauty”. Women have a pregnant glow, and a woman is her most attractive when she’s “with child”… Personally i NEVER believed that ish. Maybe i was just a young kid focused on more convential things of beauty, but recent events have lead me to become a believer.

Halle Berry is pretty pregnant nowadays and has never looked as good. 



5 hot things

Five of things [other than med school] that i cant seem to stop thinkin about this week.

Chris Brown’s new album Exclusive. That ish is dope.
Nuff said


I know i know…everyone is on American Gangsters nuts but shit, i happened to like Bee movie. It was funny, witty and light hearted. And i’ve always been a seinfeld fan. Besides,I dont need anymore shootings and hostile take overs in my life.
[Thats what CNN is for]


Bob Marley, I’m still on this Bob marley kick, I dont know what got me on it, but i’m really into this dude. His music speaks to me and it takes me to another place.
Have a Punky Reggae Party

The new girl on CSI.
Played by Jessica Luca

Shes, canadian but i can make an exception… for her lol.


The cars from the 2007 Tokyo Motor show.

[this car will be in a lot of rap videos lol]

Natural Mystic

I just bought a double CD of Bob Marley and the Wailers from itunes. It’s amazing. Old music is the best. I’ll take timeless over trendy ANY DAY, especially when it comes to music. Pop music is aight don’t get me wrong, but the oldies: Soul, Salsa, Jazz, R&B and Rock. I live for the musical gems I find everyday. Everything had much more soul back in the day; its almost like music came from a totally different place than today [probably the heart perhaps?]. And me, being the soul searcher that I am, with my love for passionate people and passionate things; that’s the kind of music I naturally gravitate to and basically just really dig.
now go, lively up yourself and shake your bumba