de verdad = the TRUTH

Sofia Vergara

the colombian beauty from my new favorite show, Modern Family

Late nite delight

Saw this amazing pic of Bar Refaeli on terry richardsons blog.

She is amazing

5 hot things April FOOLs

Its hard to believe that April is almost over. It seems like it was just 2007, lol.  But its pretty crazy how this year is rollin by, especially when i kinda need it to slow up some.  Well, Here are my 5 hot things for the month of April.

A few weeks ago i went to NY and had a blast. Before we left we made a run down to Soho to stop at Uniqlo and get breakfast, I FELL IN LOVE with this place called balthazar. Its a french bakery that serves breakfasat – lunch. While i was there I had the best F’in waffles ever, they were sour cream and hazel nut, they were served with a warm berries in their own sauce. With the first three bites i literally was stuck speechless. I let my friend taste them, and her ass was TOO. lol That is was crazy good, and i will be working on replicating the recipe

On a good day, DC is an amazing place to be. Night life, Day life and everything in between.
Its green, lush and beautiful.


All Black Everything

Some classic bolero for that ass. A great love song. It kinda takes you to another place.
(ignore the video and just listen, idk who those people are lol)

and for something modern ( and english)
Ciaras new video, not really romantic or anything but WoW!! lol

– Changes –
This is month one of a friendly little fitness challenge that me and my rotation group have started. We are trying to be more health conscious since med school can really F your ish up lol. One aspect of my new fitness lifestyle includes running. A lot of running. I never knew how much I loved running, its so cathartic.  I really like distance running because I can clear my mind and just go. I try to run six miles on the treadmill at least three times a week. It may sound like a lot, but its really not that bad.  Today I ran for the march of dimes and realized that out door running as bad as I previously thought. So in addition to my treadmill runs I wanna add a new outdoor running component. My ultimate goal is to work my way up to a marathon before I graduate. I think thats not too much to ask of myself…

well its late and I gotta get a jump start on this new week and all of the challenges it will bring.

nite nite

come to think about it…

in his own understated and very 90s kinda way, George was kinda fly lol



friggin awesome



There are many facts that people dont know. Facts about health and health care. As i progress in my career I keep stumbling on things that I feel more people should be aware of. The fact that minorites in america (by minorities i mean african americans, hispanic americans and native americans)  have many health disparities. Health outcomes among minorities are worse, Life expectancy is shorter and the incidence of chronic disease is worse. Minorities have higher incidence of infant mortality and have less access to health care.

There are MANY factors that contribute to these facts, and to even begin to scratch the surface would have me on here typing all night. Just know that it is an uphill battle….

A few other facts about healthcare that I find somewhat sad is the racial make up of the american medical system, doctors in particular.  Take a look at these numbers

3.5 % of American Doctors are Black
5% of American Doctors are Hispanic

15% of the US population is Hispanic
12.4 % of the US population is Black

So basically.. 1/3 of the US is either Black or Hispanic yet only 8% of physicians are.

20% of physicians are Asian, while only 4% of the american population is Asian.

There is much work to be done. These underrepresented minorities all have higher concentrations in large urban areas, areas where non minority physicians do not traditionally practice. This will create a potentially HUGE problem with this major expansion of health reform because now more people will potentially have access to care but no one will have time to see them. The more I think about my future and what I want to do, it makes me realize that there is much work to be done, beyond clinics and wards. We gotta get out into the community to encourage kids to do more and to pursue medical careers. All of this has given me food serious food for thought…


Uncrate Spring Gettaway

I like, they can post some pretty dope stuff. I particularly like their Garb colab with revolve clothing. They post entire looks from head to toe, their spring get away was pretty spot on and definitely similar to stuff i’ve been rocking this season. My only modification is cooler shades, replace the grey shoes with jet black vans and add a better sweater [that green tip junk is lame lol], but thats what ever….

aight Im bout to go for a run


I can listen to Teen Dream all day, it feels like the sound track to my life. Sittin on the metro or just walking around the city, U can get swept away.