Stop… Think about it

I wish i had more time to comment on these recent political events that have unfolded. I just find it odd that since the very beginning of the primary season all ofthe Obama’s detractors [read McCain and crew] have said that he isn’t ready for the job, he’s inexperienced, and he has no real public record. How can McCain say that and then turn around choose a younger, more inexperienced woman who’s gonvonor of one of the least populous states of the union [barely more populated than Wyoming and Vermont]?

I guess he really need experience in key points of interest that will pander to very specific special interest groups. When you look at it like that, Palin kinda IS the best choice. She’s been white all of her life, She has 44 years of experience as a woman, she’s a life long member of the NRA, and from what i hear shes also a Mega bitch [the last one i cant back up lol]. Dang, What am i so mad about? Sarah Palin is obviously the best choice.

good day

Mi Alma

I love Latin music. Not all Latin music, I like the old school AfroLatino influenced music from the 60’s and 70’s. Artists like La Lupe, Tito Puente, Willie Colon, Hector Lavoe, The Lebron Brothers. To be real, I like to listen to all types of soulful music, be it american, carribean or latin. Its hard to explain, but listening to this music takes me to the most familiar place I’ve never been. People always tell me that I have an old soul; I agree, I just think its wearing a panama montuno and rockin to Bob Marley

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Ok so i have been hella off task since my butt dodged a bullet on that last test. So i was thinkin and junk and i think i know what ima name my first kid [dont ask me WHY i was thinkin bout that ish cause i dont know]. But yeah, my first boy is def gonna be named Jove. Its not too popular a name, it sounds cool, and my name is a derivative of Jove too. So anyways, when i wiki’ed it, this picture of Jupiter/Jove [zeus to all you greeks] sealed the deal. This is is pretty sick

5 HOT things

Its been a while. But i need a study break so I’ll let yall know the 5 cosas i think are pretty caliente right now.

I bought that new Janelle Monae the other day. She is pretty creative [kinda weird too] but i like her. I love Jazz standards and she really won me over by covering SMILE Her voice is pure and sweet. check it

I was reading this GQ article, in last months issue. This article was about this dudes failed relationship the story wasnt any thing overly special, but the authors voice was so real. I could feel this dude and so i looked him up, and he recently won a pulizer and has a new book coming out in september. Junot Diaz is his name, he’s a dominican american and hes a sick author.
The book is The Brief Life of Oscar Wao

Not much is inspiring me in the sartorial realm, but for some reason i’ve been in this dark mood. Black T’s, Grey T’s and Navy. I dont know, maybe its cause im on my grown up steez and some street wear is getting to damn bright lol. But one thing i def will be copping is a Fitted leather coat for fall.

I finally got the damn saxaphone bum back. He was talkin all that shit to one of my friends the other day. I had to let that hoe know the deal and shut him the F up

Im definitely in the market for some new shoes. Im tryin to figure out if i want these Creative recreations or the Hyperdunks. They are totally different shoes but equally as hard.


The streets is comin out with a new album. He seems to have calmed down. I really like the new direction he’s taking. I will probly cop the new disc when it drops

A reckoning

caught a very impromtu Gnarls Barkley live show the other night. Cee-lo is amazing, he ripped every single song with everything he had. I have a new found respect for the band. I must admit that at first i thought the new album was a little sketchy, because i compared it to the incomparable St. Elsewhere, but between my continued listening,their choices of singles and attending the live show and, i can totally see where they are comin from and i can really just dig The Odd couple for what they are.

A force of Nature


Gnarls doin a radiohead cover