Cool Shit

I found this web site the other day, its called,  its one of those street fashion sites that posts pics of everyday people in major cites around the world. Some of the stuff is ridiculous but some of it is kinda inspired. I found myself just clicking away and taking it all in. I guess its the voyeur in me or something, cause people watching is a big hobby of mine. I would like to do some street shooting out here, but In DC i’d be to inundated with rainbow colors or i’d probably end up get cursed out [cause people out here are on edge]. But yeah, This photography kick is another story for another post of my plans for post BOARDS life.

take a peep
until later

How High the Moon

I love me some Ella Fitzgerald. She is probably my favorite female vocalist ever. I love her pure voice and her emaculate inflection. I was Imeeming tonite, as i studied, and one of Ella’s big songs came up. How High the Moon, the catch is that Sarah Vaughan was singing it. I like me some Sarah too. She didnt know the words but thats whats so good, both of them were very good off the cuff. They were so polished that you couldnt really tell when or if they ever got flustered. They were class act ladies.   Here both versions of How High the Moon.

Just a Quandary…

Now I dont wanna jinx anything by saying this, but I really have been wondering about this for a while… What happened to gas prices? I mean, think about it. Under the reign of Bush gas prices fluctuated on an almost hourly basis. Skyrocketing to up to the heights of 4 plus dollars. I distinctly remember begrudgedly payingover 44 dollars to fill up Vita’s [my volvo] 10 gallon tank. I think it is so weird that we have had pretty mild gas prices for a long while. It seems to be one of those things that just leveled out and faded out of the spot light.

Again, i say, I am not complaining. I just find it a oddly disturbing and yet I find myself contently placated [in a herd mentality kinda way] by the fact that some things can be at the forefront of national concern and then fall to the backs of people minds. If we play our cards right and try reassess the way we spend our money this economic crisis may soon be just like the gas crisis… a distant memory
just food for thought

F that someone needs to pay

Ok so Coldplay is being sued by this Joe Satriani character because he believes they copied portions of his song. I have both of the songs on the blog so you can check it if you want. But im kinda with Joe, there are some parts of Viva la vida that sound very much like his song. Shit, throw him a bone and give him some of your millions Chris Martin, you jacked his swag [lol, i dont think i’ve ever said that before]

you decide lol


Music Monday

Found some good stuff on the internet this weekend

Pitbull ft. Pharrell
from the fast and furious soundtrack

Kid Cudi ft. Kanye and Common… and dreadfully lady gaga

The last thing i found on the web this weekend was a monster box set of Bob Marley, its the Freedom songs set. Its a massive 75 song box set that spans 4 discs. I will be buying it this weekend of amazon for a cool 35 bucks, with free shipping. lol here is a nice long acoustic trac with some of my favorites from the original soul rebel himself.

Kick rocks…

I wish friggin North Korea and Kim Jong Il would kick rocks. These fools are always gesturing and trying to start global conflict. Recently they fueled a long range rocket that, according to DC military specialist, must be fired in a few days due to the corrosive fuel. They can fire all the missles want, but since the only long range target they have is in the ocean, where japan is that is the problem. So seeing as how the Japanese would want to protect themselves and their people, they would naturally be inclined to shoot down the long range missle… well according to the north koreans

“If Japan recklessly ‘intercepts’ [North Korea’s] satellite for peaceful purposes, the [Korean People’s Army] will mercilessly deal deadly blows not only at the already deployed intercepting means but at major targets”

Damn, so now in the midst of all this global financial crisis and world strife, we have to worry about North Korea and their weapons of mass destruction [i like to use that term as much as possible lol]. We have deployed missle intercepting battle ships to the sea of Japan and the Japanese have also deployed their missle defence system. What North Korea should be doing is diverting all the energy and money they have put into weapons, and focus it on their citizens who live in squalor. Squalor so bad they refuse to let any journalist report on the conditions that some of these people live in… but i guess thats the problem with Despots. They do what they want and use the country, its people and its money as their own little finance machine.

Lets just hope that this ends peacefully, because the last thing we need is another war. This volunteer army has been stretched beyond its means and another war in korea would put us in an even more precarious postion

well thats my peace



It was the longest day ever…. I didnt eat anything from 10:30 this morning up until 10:00 tonight and I’ve been going non stop. I actually even went to the gym at 6, so to say i was tired is an understatement. But being the student that i am, i have to keep pressing on to the mark. I’ll probably get a little sleep tonight and go to the laundry to wash these mountains of clothes and also drop some shirt and my new suit at the dry cleaners. O yeah, i got a new suit the other day. I went thrifting [its a recession so i got no shame in my game lol] But check this, its a friggin Brooks Brothers suit! heck yeah so ima clean that bad boy off and rock the shit out of it

well back to Beach House and Neuro