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Correr = to run

Running a race is the best parallel for describing testing situations 

I’m a runner. When i go to the gym i run. When i have time i  try to get at least three miles in a day. Nothing clears my mind or makes me feel better than just getting on the treadmill, zoning out and running.  
The closest thing i can compare the way i feel as I’ve pushed through, to the near end of this semester is running. At first it was fine but as you get in mid run you start to become more self aware. You start to feel everything, your feel every breath, you start to question yourself and you’re tempted to slow down the pace. But then you get to this point. That point where you reach this inner threshold. Its the point when your inner strength kicks in.  The Second wind
I’m at the cusp of the second wind because as I near the final day, of an unprecedented litany, of testing I can feel the endorphins kicking in. I feel that burst that will help me push to the end. 
 A beautiful, wise and all together wonderful person told me earlier today [in response to one of my moments of weakness] that ” once you push in the last leg of the race, your sigh of relief will not only be from completion but from victory as well”
-No way I couldn’t have said it any better-
Peace and love

Leer = to read

Ok so school is a very major part of my life. I try my damnedest to not let it be the only thing i have though. So to maintain my sanity I’ve been reading for recreational perposes [ an unheard of feat in medschool]. At one point last year i was reduced to solely reading editorials in GQ.  I really enjoy my rec reading because I’ve come upon some some pretty amazing stuff. I think that the best fiction I’ve read this year was from Junot Diaz

He is an amazing writer.  I the first I heard of him was short story he wrote for GQ, Summer Love, Overheated. That small piece was so good by that night i had already purchased his first book.  His first book is his short story collection Drown. I almost couldn’t put the book down. I  forget if i wrote about the book early on the blog but if i didn’t, i sure cant let the year end without singing his praises. As a whole the book is amazing but each individual story  could easily stand alone. His second book [and Pulitzer winner] is The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao, this book was well worth the hype it got. I would recommend it for any and everyone.  Diaz is an amazingly talented Dominican American writer. His books generally speak through Afro-Latino male protagonists. He has a lyrical quality to his writing that flows even better with its interspersed spanish. The characters are so real and at times i felt a longing for my own boyhood and that inexplicable feeling i get when i think about Panama. The homeland I barely know.

Besides the Diaz books I read, I also decided to pic up My American Journey the autobiography of Colin Powell. I came out in the 90’s, so its very pre-Iraq/ pre 9-11.  He is hands down one of my biggest heroes and inspirations. What I admire about the most is that He is such a principle driven man. Everyone knows “right” and “wrong”, but sometimes when you are in gray areas or your called to make the tough decisions all you have are your principles, instincts and morals. No body is perfect and his story is so inspirational because he showed me that i can make a difference. He embodies the American dream, immigrant parents,with a working class background, a hard worker with nothin but aspiration and dreams. He was no academic maven,what he is, is a Man who does his best, learns from every experience and never blames the “could should wouldas” on others; he always made sure to learn something from the inspirational people over him while still maintaining a steady ear to the people under him.
The year 2008 is quickly coming to an end. I never would’ve imagined that it would’ve turned out like this. I hope that the next one is filled with many more great books


Im not some fashiony dude that follows all the trends and fads out there. Im just a guy who likes cool stuff and enjoys wearing it. My own personal style has evolved over the years, naturally, but as i mature, i see my taste gravitating towards classic looks and leaner silhouettes [being out of shape i got to wear stuff that fits well lol]. So a few designers that really got cool stuff and i wanted to share.

-Band of outsiders-
I really like their stuff. It looks fun and kinda young but not
 kiddy.I dont want to look like a high schooler. I like the cardigans and button ups. The suits are really cool too.
 things like oxfords and university stripped ties never go out of style.
 Im a little on the fence with bow ties, cause some circles really OVER DO THEM. If i wore  bow ties, they’d be understated like these and not big and flashy

– nom de guerre –
They have military inspired looks that i think are pretty tight. This is a something i
 really like. Its manly, its timely and if not overdone looks all together bad ass. Safari shirts are awesome. They can be dressed up or down. You can wear them in the summer or friggin ice cold mid atlantic winter. I like the solid ties but i like mine a little slimmer. I put that nom de guerre plaid shirt to cover a point that i really think is key. PLAID IS RAD lol. Naw seriously, it has a good look and is def. a cold weather must have. Thick cotton plaid shirts go a long way on a cold day.

PERSONAL STYLE NOTE: some people think it looks weird and others think its a nerdy thing to do. I just think it looks well put together. I think that buttoning up a shirt without a tie is the way to go. Sometimes you just dont need a tie or you dont wanna look sloppy. You can show off your suit/shirt with a fully buttoned dress shirt sans tie. I also think that the buttoned shirt frames your face and if your not ugly thats a good thing lol.  I’ve seen it on run ways and stuff    but its not common.  All in all its a better look than the mundane top button undone. Anytime undone is an adjective for your attire you shouldnt wear it to church or nice occasions. I dont top button everything dont get me wrong. Im just a fan of the look. Thats my piece and im stickin to it

Old school Study Music

Listening to old school music and gettin it in. More to come after my test

Old School Cats New Stuff
Q-tip & Raphael Saadiq
We Fight/We Love ft. Raqhael Saadiq – Q–Tip

The Police: greatest hits album
Walking on the moon – The Police

Alton Ellis [old school reggae]
You Make Me So Very Happy – Alton Ellis

The spinners [gotta love that guitar]
Its a Shame – The Spinners