Music in my head

stop me- mark ronson

Fall time in DC

Yeah its fall time in DC and its beautiful. I love it up here and im glad that it finally feels like fall.



I wish i could say that i am surprised

I was pretty disturbed today after reading an article on CNN about Dr. Watson, from Watson and Crick and DNA, this Nobel laureate had some very questionable views. He gave a news paper interview and said some pretty racist things. He basically said that black people aren’t as smart as whites and that Africa is doomed because of this under recognized fact.

I wish I could say that I was surprised, because that would mean that my heart hasn’t been hardened by the world that we live in. 
When I hear things like this from people like Dr. Watson down to the little hick in the corner store, it just reminds me that the world we live in is a mean and wicked place. People judge and come to bias and ignorant conclusions based on nothing but their own self fulfilling and self righteously skewed prejudices.
No matter how many marches we go on or however many Jena 6s there are black people have to fight everyday for an equal playing ground. Black people face some of the most thought out, long standing, and passive aggressive racism this world has ever seen. A lot of people come to such disturbing conclusions without viewing the entire story. Black people have only been “free” in the western world for 100 years. Black Americans have only had the most basic of civil rights for 40 years, and the continent of Africa is still paying its debt to the colonialist European empires that ravaged, raped and pillaged the entire continent the “cradle of humanity”. The west forgets that Colonialism and their blood lust and greed put Africa in the state that it is in, and created all of the social problems that plague the black Diaspora.
So I stand not surprised, just that much more emboldened to prove myself. Emboldened to shatter all the stereotypes and break all the molds. I’m emboldened to show all of the bigots and fascists just what a little brown skinned boy from Georgia can do.
heres the link

In my Mind…

5 more things that i cant get enough of…

-30 rock-

This season is great. Tina Fey, Alec Baldwin and Tracey Morgan are great… they brought Seinfeld back to NBC
– Bling-
The Nobel Peace Prize.
Congrats Mr. Gore.

Ernesto “Che” Guevara. El Che has been gone for 40 years, but his memory and misson still lives on in the hearts of millions.
I know weird huh? I been eating them all week. They’re pretty addictive lol
Alicia Keys
She’s on the new complex. The photo shoot looks great (even though her new song sucks)

look in the mirror

Its always got to look at your self and see how far you’ve come. I was looking at some stuff i wrote on my old myspace blog and i was just trying to go back to that point and realize where i was at that point in life. Its a wierd thing to do because so much has changed in that brief amount of time. I dont remember why i wrote some of the stuff or what exactly was on my mind, but i do know that i gotta stay true to myself and not lose track of the personal goals i have set for myself.

I have to keep pushing myself to do the good that i know i have in me. I have to suppress the fear and doubt and replace it with positive thinking and strenght. I encourage everyone to just look back and make sure that you are still on track with things, you owe it to yourself and the world to fulfill your dreams.

Why i love SNL

Ode to friends

I’m a people person. I like people. I love to make people laugh and I always enjoy hanging out with people. I’m pretty indiscriminant too, as long as you’re down for having fun and you aint causing too much trouble, I can roll with you.

There’s people, who I like, and Friends, who I LOVE. I love my friends. I have the best friends in the world, they are all pretty eccentric and unique individuals; some of them even have some smart ass mouths lol… But I wouldn’t trade them for anything in the world.

The thing about friends is, most times, if you think back to your first or second meeting then; You could already tell that yall were gonna be cool. It’s like a connection you feel. I say more than 80% of the people who I consider good, solid, down for the cause friends, I could tell right off the bat. It’s kinda like when you meet a girl and you know you have that chemistry, but it’s understandably different (lol no homo). It’s that inexplicable feeling of knowing that you meet a kindred spirit, someone you were destined to meet and someone who will be in your life for a while.

It’s a good feeling to find those types of friends and another sweet thing about friends is that when you’re separated for a long time and you are finally reunited. It’s like nothing else. You don’t have to play catch up and talk about all that stupid small talk; you just pick up where you left off and start a whole new adventure. Another great part of friends is even though you may find more friends; the older ones still have the same place. It’s like that parent stuff”I don’t love you any less, everyone has their special place” lol

After a while most of your truly close friend cross another line, that point of no return where they are more than friends. They become like family and they become the brothers and sisters that you WISH you had lol. Your road dogs and home girls are some of the most influential people in your life, besides your family and stuff, these people help to make you who you are.  

So here’s to yall