tight DJ’s

DJ crew outta Chicago



its been for ever

thats what neuro will do to that ass lol

heres a great bob tune

The science of sleep

Dang,i never knew sleep was such a luxury. I been pretty bad with my updates on the blog, but thats cause my life is still in a mess [when will it ever end]. Hopefully the long weekend will grant me some good rest, and a little peace of mind. Im on another old school hip hop kick so keep posted for some more videos.

spread love yall


oldies but goodies


Why does every damn black history month have someone humming in the background and a lot of shadows?

[yeah im in a batchy mood lol]

So Damn Dope

my 5 hot things

Its been a while, this year/semester/unit has been crazy and i dont see any signs of it letting up anytime soon. But onto better things

Besides the MEGA announcement of the year that is the Glow in the Dark tour, and the release of the new [and pretty infectious vampire weekend CD] i was pretty enthused to hear a new Gnarls Barkley track. Its hot and its called Run. Check it out for your self [cause i dont know how to post music…yet]

I dont know why, but i been listening and lookin up good ol Janis Joplin recently. She is pretty dope, her voice is unique and i love the got feeling in her music. Her cover of Summer time is great.

this fish tank is SICK.

Ok, i had a time in my life where i could not find a dress shoe that i really liked. Then i found my Bruno Maglis now i see a style that i kinda liked, but really am feeling right about not. Check it, those shoes are pretty sick. And everyone knows i will rock some skinny jeans

Yo, its Februray. The superbowl is sunday, my birthday is on monday, and tuesday is super tuesday. Its black history month, Valentines day is comin and probly a bunch of other junk that i cant remember. What a great month

Peace&love yall