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Used to Be – Beach House Ponytail – Panda BearYour Voice – Santogold

Been a while…

Yeah, its been a while. But on a recent episode of House i saw Michelle Trachtenberg, and it had me thinking about a show i loved as a kid. The Adventures of Pete and Pete, it was such a good show. It makes me feel kinda nostalgic from my boyhood and takes me too a simpler time. The music is kinda cool too
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1st: I friggin miss the season opener of SNL
2nd: I get my damn car towed and i’m out 150 dollars

F’in A man

You know what time it is

Its time for the Hot list.

El Guincho is dope

SNL is back, definitely one of my top favorite shows on TV. I love it cause its live, I love it cause it comedy, and I love cause when its good, its magical. 
– Fashion-
Ok two fashion things that have been on my mind. First, im lookin for a great everyday fall/winter boot. I dont want nothin fancy and i dont want no stinkin timberlands lol. Its hard when your feet are big, cause i would cop the new chukka Sperrys. But i been eyeing these… If all else fails im gettin vans chukkas. 

The second fashionable thing on my mind are two hats a Fitted and a Porkpie. The porkpie is more dressy and the best part about it is its not a fedora. And the fitted is a flannel fitted over at Vans.

Carpe Diem
I think, KNOW that my life has changed a lot this year. And i attribute it to a more carpe diem attitude. I’ve tried to stay pretty close to this but sometimes I find myself over thinking stuff again. But now I’m pretty resolved to seize the day without becoming reckless and bull headed.

The greatest story ever told

At the risk of looking like a real dork. I have to admit that George Lucas is a true genius. This dude wrote all the star wars movies decades ago and by some whim of clairvoyance or cosmic Force; almost spot on predicted the major players in the 2008 presidential race. The parallels are pretty amazing when you look at it.

Senator McCain is this national hero, he rose to power in the senate, and now hes positioning himself through strategic political moves to seize control of the empire. I’m not even mentioning the fact that his face looks just like the dark lord. His snide remarks and “Maverick” behavior perfectly mirror the actions of Darth Sidious. Hes even out to destroy and discredit our New Hope.

I find it insulting that the same hard leaning right wing pundits who can denigrate everything Obama and vilify the slightest Hillarian move; can twist and turn blatantly underhanded and divisively conniving political moves and Hail them as “Just, Patriotic, Christian and American”. It feels like we are in a fight up an uphill battle against a well oiled machine

I could expound further, but alas, school is beckoning me. However i do have one more thought. Its pretty obvious that America is yearning for change, and both candidates are offering change but one thing we mustn’t forget it that not all change is a good thing. Mussolini was change, Trujillo was change, Hitler was change, BUSH was change. Not all change is good change. When looking for agents of change we need to be wary. [especially when they themselves keep changing to pander votes.]