Live TV is a batch

Kanye at on SNL

He free styled. Wasnt the best but i still kinda liked how he kept rollin with it.

Lucky Done Gun

My lucky streak ran out yesterday….
I got pulled over (for the first time) right in front of our nation’s capital. Me and some friends were leaving a restaurant for a late night study break, and i kinda took a wrong turn. So i was trying to get back on track and i didn’t see this red left turn signal till too late and i stopped in the middle of the other lane. So did what any other responsible driver would do, and i just commited and took that ish so my ass wouldnt get hit…. Well the cops saw me and pulled my ass over lol. After much waiting and questioning it was all good cause i just got a warning.

So i guess I’m still the man



Im livin’ it

The good life

be grateful for what you DO have.



Serious Post for the Day

In my youtubing this weekend I found an Oscar winning documentary on the 1989 US invasion of the Republic of Panama. The film, The Panama Deception, discussed a lot of things that happened in that short but deadly campaign. I initially watched the film for its historical value but the film ended up bringing a lot of things to mind and it gave me some new perspective on the war in Iraq.

I’ll give a quick background. The country of Panama was and is a key location in the Americas because of its famed canal, and its proximity to both north and South America. The ruler at the time was the much vilified Manuel Noriega. The US president was none other than George Herbert Walker Bush (Big Bush)… You can get the whole story from wikipedia.

The US invaded the country a few days before Christmas, in the wee hours of the morning, to oust Noriega. By the end of the campaign entire neighborhoods were burned down, Noriega was captured, and 300-4000 civilians were killed. [300 civilian casualties as reported by the US -4000 casualties are reported by every other investigative body. It seems like a big discrepancy, and it is. I’ve heard eye witness accounts from family memebers and after seeing the film, Im pretty sure that the 300 casualties reported by the US was a blantant lie and cover-up. Thousands of people don’t just disappear.]

Let me get to my point. I already felt for the people of Iraq, but this film changed my perspective because It showed me how war and the might of amercica affected people who I know and a country that is “tangible” to me. I’ve been to Panama and I’ve heard about it my whole life. Maybe if Iraq wasn’t in a far off land people would be doing more. As is the case with Iraq, the true deception in the invasion of Panama was how the media coved it and how the people in the US were spun the story. Amidst Global opposition the, US invaded a sovereign nation and killed thousands of innocent civilians, the whole time focusing only on American views and interests;while solely accounting for American casualties.

I wish I had some fancy alliteration, but to put it plainly: All life is important regardless of nationality, sex, ethnicity or religion. I don’t care where they come from; when a person is killed it’s a tragedy not just collateral damage.

One eerie thing about the of the film was seeing Cheney, who happened to be our secretary of defense and director of the invasion of Panama and Operation Desert Storm… Seeing clips of HW saying the exact same words about the panama invasion as his son is saying about Iraq, was also a little weird. In no way am I trying to compare the two operations, everyone knows Iraq is gonna be a blite in our history till the end of time. I’m just sharing a little perspective. I think that we, Americans forget that we live in a global community and our interests aren’t always good for the common good. I they sometimes we forget that its not only Americans who want to live in peace and enjoy life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

for a little more perspective check out this website, the numbers are unfathomable…



5- Hot Things

5 things i can’t get out of my head right now.


The new Kanye CD. Its great. The beats, the guests, the songs.
Flashing lights, Barry Bonds and Drunk Hot Girls
What more could you ask for? lol


Jarah Mariano



It’s been out for a while, but the dialogue and acting
make it an instant classic now “Eat shit bum” lol

-Hot Spot-

The Diner
at Adams Morgan

best grill cheese in town…lol


Mi jente

My People…. I love black people. Despite all of our problems, we as a people have come a long way. I like all black people, but now I’m talking about Black Americans. I’m talking about black Americans who have withstood and overcome hundreds of years of oppression. We are the only group of people who have no direct link to a country that is truly our own. We live in American and are considered as much. Yet we still face discrimination and despite however many strives have been take, we are still looked down on as second class citizens in some respects. All other peoples have some idea of their true background, but black Americans are left with just a continent; A huge continent that is filled with hundreds of ethnic groups, tribes, religions and countries.

We as a people have risen up and faced odd that seemed insurmountable to become a major influence on world culture and music. We have invented and patented inventions in the dark ages of our country’s history. Many aspects of our modern world were made possible because of the contributions of black Americans, and honestly speaking, the United States would not be the country and world power it is today if it were for the blood, sweat, tears, dignity and freedom sacrificed by our people.

I don’t want to talk about the negatives, violence and general apathy that plague us. This essay is therapy. I guess sometimes I need to remind myself that there is nothing wrong with being half black. I come from two rich cultures and I proudly accept and embrace both. The world says that “blackness” is bad thing and somehow blackness has become synonymous with negativity. It’s so prevalent that other minorities are affected; even people in the black Diaspora look down on black Americans; because of how the media portrays us and how some of us portray ourselves. Other races look down on us because of years of bigotry, social stigmas and general ignorance. A change is gonna come because more than ever doors are being open, and injustices are being fought everyday.

I like challenges and I’m up for showing the world what a smart, young, gifted black man can do. I’m not doing this for myself; I do it for your people, MY people and everyone who came before me.

Here’s to being young, gifted and black. I wouldn’t have it any other way



7 deadly sins

The Seven Social Sins: politics without principles, wealth without work, pleasure without conscience, knowledge without character, commerce without morality, science without humanity, and worship without sacrifice.

These seven social sins were outlined by Gandhi. I find myself looking to great philosophers and humanitarians to find encouragement and wisdom as i toil through medical school. [Gandhi was a great man, his level of enlightenment is mind blowing.] When I found his quote on these “sins” I just sat and reflected on them. I came to an eerie sense of concurrence when i realized that the sins are the embodiment of the world today.

People, times are hard and I really want this to be a light hearted blog, but there are WAY bigger things out there to focus on, beyond pop culture, iphones and the VMAs. I encourage everyone to survey their life and to make sure that they aren’t guilty of any social sins. Take this weekend to sift through the hodgepodge, that is life, and just get rid of selfishness and ego. While at the same time clinging ever closer to the goodness that’s still inside.