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I got to be at the hospital at 8 in the morning, but before i go to bed I was just gonna post some cool stuff.

I got the new Ryan Leslie, its dope. I think he improved on the stuff he did wrong on his debut and came through on this one. Its pretty solid, i gotta give it a good listen to, but from what i heard its the biznas.Imeem has an exclusive preview of the whole CD.

Another thing that’s been on my mind is the fact that my bro and his wife get to go back to France. She hasn’t been back home since the wedding. I know its been hard for her, so Im so excited for them to go back. They should be there about 3 weeks so she should get a healthy dose of home. I’ll post my favorite Paris inspired songs in the next post.

And finally i just gotta say how good jah is. God comes through when you dont even know you need him. The outcome of such a random even three years ago just came to fruition this past week and the result was a pretty nice windfall coming my way. Im extremely happy and feeling amazingly blessed that the plata is coming my way right now. I’ve been wondering how i was gonna get a new computer and handle some other biz but then this came totally outta left field. So i am officially gonna start my travel/interview account after i get my new laptop.

so ya boy is doing A-okay. 12 hour Saturday call is gonna be a pooper tomorrow, but I think i can manage. Ya know its funny, for some reason people have been get this really upbeat and chipper vibe from me. I mean, i generally am in a better mood, but I really dont TRY to act any kinda way. It apparently just comes. Maybe its the way I approach things and carry myself. The best thing is that all this is even before the money. I feel even better that I got these compliments/comments, so i guess im doing something right, and at the end of the day isnt that the best thing to do with your day; make others feel good or just give people a better day with a smile or joke or kind word. So yeah I guess it seems I’m doing REALLY good lol

i really gotta roll over and sleep.
buenas noches and all that jazz

Old school

Nadine, Nadine Nadine!!!


Driving back home for lunch break i was thinking about topics for this ethics paper. I didn’t want to pick a topic that everyone and their mama was doing, but I had basically conceded all hope and was gonna do my report on prolonging life. I like the topic, don’t get me wrong, but I just didn’t want to pick the topic because we already had a group discussion and I didn’t want my report to blend in. I also have a pretty good opinion and for some [dumb] reason i wanted to expand my mind with something I haven’t really thought about…

anyway, I was listening to NPR and heard Kojo Nnamdi on the radio. This dude is the truth and once again his show came through. He had people on air talking about medical marijuana and how Attorney General Eric Holder doesn’t want federal courts to prosecute people with medical marijuana. Its funny how the idea for the paper came, because before I was even thinking about using it as a topic, i was making ethical arguments on what good does it do and why would people really need it. So yeah, That’s my topic and hopefully with my research I can come to a true informed stance on the matter and get a good grade too lol
aight, back to literature searching

Soles of Fire

Yup yup

Lucky Me

I was on, just looking around, and i typed the word Panama and found something that made my heart smile. Last year i bought a compilation CD of music from panama called Panama! Latin Sounds, Cumbia Tropical & Calypso Funk on the Isthmus. I loved that CD cause it basically encompassed most of the genres of music that I love. Well I found the Second volume to that Compilation tonite and i got the Mp3 download for like 8 bucks. So im pretty happy bout that. I also found a book that i wanna get for my mom. Its a story book for kids [shes a teacher], its a Panamanian folktale called Conejito. I think She’ll really like it, since she integrates spanish into her class room and she loves her patria. Well I guess Im off to bed.

buenas noches


wawa wee wa

Paula Patton

my my my…

Trifecta of Soul

Hathaway covering Lennon = NICE

good nite

Nature Boy


i found a great site yesterday. Its an online mens magazine dedicate to cool stuff and links to get them.They all types of stuff, from a card board tube fighting league to the new toms cordones [which i’m probly gonna get]. This joint is a one stop for tons of cool web stuff.