Summer Natives

ok… now this is good nite


Aspirar = To Aspire

There are a few thing in life that I aspire to be. Some are day to day aspirations, others are lifetime goals. I think my life will be complete if in the end It can be said that I was all of these things

  1. A good man
  2. A good father
  3. A good doctor
  4. A force for social change
  5. Honest
  6. Well-read
  7. Benevolent
  8. An authority on something
  9. Cosmopolitan
  10. Content

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Dude Style

Jazz Day

On my off day I’ve been chillin like crazy. I’ve been on the couch watching Wimbledon, caught the Brazil win in Women’s World cup and got to scour the web for some great music.

The three artists I’ve been looking at today are Danilo Perez, Christian Scott and Coltrane.

I’ve found some good lesser known tracks, which I’ll probably download once I get some $$$. I really appreciate this down time now. The first few days on night relief really tired me out.

well, until later my friends.


These Shirts

These shirts are bad ass

A charmed life

Today was a good day.

I got a another graduation present in the mail [perfect timing], I also hopped in my car and the check engine light went away, after it came on two days after I arrived in Miami [I hope this isn’t the calm before the storm], I saw a gold cup match between my two countries. Though Panama deserves it and I know Panamanians actually care about the gold cup, Im not mad that the US is going to the final. I also got to go grocery shopping and make some pretty great chicken tacos.

Life is good down here. I have this feeling about Miami. Its like when you meet someone new and you like them, but you dont wanna over think it. You see a lot of potential and you know you are gonna end up falling in love, you just have to let time go by and actually do and see stuff together. I think this is the beginning of greatness.

I found out my first rotation will be Night relief. Night relief is basically night coverage for the entire department of Medicine in my hospital. My team will take care over all the other residents patients from 7pm till people arrive at 7am the next day. I have plenty of sleepless nights ahead but Im not too scared.

Well its late and I gotta get my rest. My last day of orientation is tomorrow and I can’t fall asleep during this stuff.

good nite

The Smiths!!!

My Balcony By Night

Lagrimas = Tears