late nite magic

its late and im tired… so I’ll put the a masterful performance of concierto de Aranjuez that going to sleep listening to. [My dreams should be filled with some other worldly stuff, listening to Miles before i knock out lol]

imeem wont let me put up the whole sixteen minute piece, so I’ll just put the 30 second preview, you can follow the link and be amazed if you want

peace and love

weapon of choice

Follow the link.

I forgot about this video up till mtvU played it yesterday



Cool Stuff

I encountered some real cool stuff this week. So Before I knock out, i wanted to share lol.

WOW, i just saw Inglorious Basterds, it was AMAZING. Its one of the best movies i’ve seen. Its so good i will be catching up on all the Tarentino movies I havent seen yet. Just sick

I finally got to see the youth in revolt trailor. I read the book some time early in 2008 and loved it. Im a sucker for coming of age stories, but throw in crude humor, psycho french alter egos and pure fuckery and Im sold lol…

Guilt Group, I got put on by some dude at Martin & Osa a while back. I thought it was too good to be true, cause some of the stuff is crazy. They sell designer stuff for, men and women, and its all legit. I got three band of outsiders ties for like 60% off the regular price. The only catch is stuff dont last so you gotta stay up on whats good for the sale that day. Anyway, yeah so I got my link to join. It invitation only so click my link and i can get some credit for future purchases lol
follow this->>>>

Ok ok, im on this big Bolero kick. But i cant help it, the whole friggin weekend i’ve been enthralled by it. Im so wide open its almost ridiculous, i had to talk myself down from buying 6 CDs a few nights ago… so anyway, my hot song is a bolero classic that was written by a fellow Panameño. Historia de un amor, its just a down right beautiful song, its about a love lost. I love the version by Los Panchos. I wont go deep into it, but dont be surprised if one day you see me tearing it up bolero style somewhere.

Im trying something new. Well a couple of things. For my next rotation, which starts tomorrow, I am going to start back doing the right thing and hittin that gym. I have no excuse and i just paid them hoes at ballys their friggin money. So im going back hardcore. I’ve also altered my diet, to eat less meat and to lower portions, my American plating habits keep me round around the edges lol. I wanna pick up where i stopped before boards when i ran 2 miles a day. Im happier when i run.
The other thing im doing is another little personal improvement project. Im gonna start talking to strangers. I know, I know, mom wouldnt be proud lol, but seriously, in my line of work i gotta get more comfortable talking to people. So im going to go out of my comfort zone more and extend myself to people. Even people who arent wearing a hospital gown lol. I think it will help me get over my shyness and all the while let me meet new and interesting people. I think i over rationalize some things too much and miss out on those little moments that you feel deep in your soul, but somehow I always end up leavin well enough alone and keep doin what im doin.

well alright, its pretty late, and i gotta go try to take my car to the shop for some work before my debriefing on the family medicine rotation

paz y amor amigos

Alma Viejo= Old soul

I always talk about this old soul thing I got goin on. Its weird, but i really do feel some inexplicable connection to old music. I think its in the lyrics, arrangements and soul that some of the old singers sang with. It feels more authentic and just real. I can honestly say that I am in love with Bolero; an old slow-tempo type of latin music. I recently delved deeper into bolero and found the song Dos Gardenias a few days ago, the words and lyrics are so beautiful, [lucky for me, my spanish is good enough i caught everything]. I think one of the most beautiful things about this music is that even if you dont know what the words mean, the message and soul of the song still hit you. I’ve listened to Ibrahim Ferrer’s version of Dos Gardenias over and over for the past few days and it never gets old. Speaking of, Ibrahim Ferrer, I have to acknowledge the fact that he was one of the best voices ever[you thought i was gonna say in Bolero lol]. He sings the Bolero like no one else. I saw the whole Buena Vista Social club documentary this summer and was shaken to the core by all the talent and heart.I think its something real special when you find something that moves you that much. But anyway, Here are the lyrics and translation to Dos Gardenias. Plus i’ll put a bonus song of Ibrahim Ferrer and Omara Portuondo. The two of them are pretty amazing… but thats for another post lol

Dos Gardenias para tí
Con ellas quiero decir:
Te quiero, te adoro, mi vida
Ponle toda tu atención
Porque son tu corazón y el mío.

Dos gardenias para tí
Que tendrán todo el calor de un beso
De esos besos que te dí
Y que jamás encontrarás
En el calor de otro querer.
A tu lado vivirán y se hablarán

Como cuando estás conmigo
Y hasta creerás que te dirán:
Te quiero.
Pero si un atardecer
Las gardenias de mi amor se mueren
Es porque han adivinado
Que tu amor me ha traicionado
Porque existe otro querer.

English Translation
Two Gardenias for you
With these I mean to say:
I love you, I adore you, my life
Look after them because
They are your heart and mine.

Two Gardenias for you
With all the warmth of a kiss
Like those I gave to you
Kisses that you will never know
In the embrace of another.
They will live beside you
And talk to you as I do
And you will even believe that you hear them say:
I love you.
But if one late evening
The Gardenias should die
It´s because they know
That you have betrayed me

And that you love another.


ok a lil more

old spanish music

some morning sarah

sarah vaughan…. perfection

Aight, back to psych

Mis cosas calientes: end of summer edition

My end of summer edition of 5 hot things is a little late coming. I’ve been back in “school” for three weeks, the summer is still here. I guess now is a good time to put up whats been on my mind these past few weeks. Its weird, cause Im always tired, but i cant sleep. I think my mood has improved though, I just needed some time to get it all together. It gets better by the day, but anyway…

Funny People, I laughed my ass off. Adam sandler, Seth rogan, Jonah Hill, and great comedian cameos….Nuff said. [Just one recommendation… dont go to the late show on a work night lol]

Ok, i got two songs that I like a lot. This one joint by ryan leslie, You’re not my girl, its got a cool old school feel to it.

and this joint from Pitbull i heard on the radio. Sometimes I just like a hype song

Mila Kunis. I loved her since that 70s show FIRST came on. Shes been cute the whole time, but i saw her in Forgettin Sarah Marshall this weekend at the crib. Girl is nice man. Real nice lol

I just bought a new book. Its called Ruins by Achy Obejas. I got some pretty good reading done this summer[considering how busy i was] so when i started looking for another outsider reading book i found a book highly recommended by Junot Diaz, one of my favorite authors out right now.

-Man Bag-
lol, i hate the sound of that lol. Let me correct myself. Briefcase, I am trying my best to find the perfect grown up bag i can get thats not kiddy like a book bag and not GAY like a man bag. I know the trend is toward mens totes and things, but I feel like a nice, well made, leather brief case is what i need. Nothing too stuffy and business like though, i want it to fit my lifestyle. Something for an on the go 20 something who is professional but knows and likes to have a good time. So i found a couple cases over at Jack Spade and stuff but Its turning out that its going to be a big investment so im gonna take my time and choose very wisely.

well, i think that covers 5 of the hot things on my mind right now. I have a few other things like plants I plan on puttin up in the room and coffee table books and such, but i guess I’ll save those for later. [Moving into a new house sure makes you feel all domestic… [[dang I need to get out more lol]]

ok ok,
Estoy cansado,
Hasta luego

paz y amor

Ok Ok ok….

For some reason I never particularly liked Amber rose, thats not to say that i disliked her either. She kinda just came outta nowhere and everyone was talkin bout her bein all skanky and stuff, so i was like “yeah sure i guess”. Well, after careful inspection and deliberation i have reached a conclusion, F THAT lol. She is bad, i always knew she was vaguely ethnic but apparently she is cape verdean, irish and italian… what a mix. She is a bad woman. check out the complex spread… good god

ok back to work lol