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Rock the Vote

I was speaking with a friend and remembering the last presidential election. It was my sophomore year in college and we were so amped. We followed every development in the race to the white house. We had John Kerry bumper stickers, we joined the democratic party at the mall and even tried going to some random democratic meeting in support of Kerry. I remember cheering as John Kerry beat Bush in every single debate; and feeling reassured by the fact that no one ever got elected if they lost the debates.

…Then the election came. and before the end of the day John Kerry had withdrawn and was on CNN congratulating Dub ya.
I’m not being pessimistic or trying to rehash the wounds of that horrible time in history; its just funny to see how fast time is fleeting. I can vividly remember how depressed i was sitting there in that dorm room dreading life in a world with “4 more years” of Bush.

Well his time is quickly coming to an end and now he has a pretty good idea his what kind of legacy he will have. He knows that his presidency will be tainted with a horrible economy a highly unpopular war and a word that will haunt him for the rest of his life: Katrina . Bush is going down, and though many people call him evil and say so many things about his character i don’t think the man is evil at all. I thing that he is just indifferent. He’s indifferent to the sufferings of the poor, the ethnic, the hurting, the young, the old the weak [basically the whole world outside of his lily white New England born, Texan breed all American circle]

Helen Keller said it best when she said “science may have found a cure for most evils; but it has found no remedy for the worst of them all — the apathy of human beings.”

I dont believe that human beings are born either innately good or evil, but we all have a propensity for apathy which is far worse than the evil that some may harbor.

The Situation at hand

I never knew that you could have questions answered that you’ve never asked. I just heard Cornel West speak. The man is magnificent, to say the least. He’s inspiring and he exudes intelligence that is so far removed from the guise of pretense that you cant help but be moved. I’ve been pondering many things about what it is to be a black man in these United States, what makes us as a people different form the other dark faces of the world. I was so moved yesterday. I realize that in my quest for completion on this existential journey i realized that its not just the sacrifice of study and time, and putting off fun. I realized that this thing, my journey, is So much bigger than I am.

I as a black man, born of a man, the son of slaves and an immigrant mother of a land of paradise and penance. The fire i have within is fueled by the hopes and aspirations of people who sacrificed life and limb to make a better life for me. Their sacrifice was for me; a person some of them never laid eyes on. I am the American dream; a living walking dream personified. I know that i must press on, despite my feelings of doubt and moments of weakness. Its so much bigger than me, because my I know my calling and purpose. This vocation was not a choice it was an ordination.

So I press on because there is no success without hardship



dope vids


I’m in the fight of my life. I’m fighting against some tough odds but I’m still encouraged, and i know that WHEN i make it through this year and get to the other side of the hump it will all be for the Lords glory.

Now time for one of my favorite Martin Luther King Quotes

“The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy. “

The thing about Dr. King is that everyone seems to canonize him. Dr Kings message was much more than just a dream. He was a real man who put his life and limb on the line fight against injustice and fighting for a cause that he believed so strongly in. I yearn for that this just cause of fighting against the ills of the world [I want to totally remove self from the equation] and give all I can. Its a daily struggle and i cant let hubris lead me down a path of destruction.


What really grinds my gears…


that’s what grinds my gears. I hate that shit. For years people have been singing its praising ,all in my ear, so i tried some before and didn’t really like it. They said “get the one with he sea weed inside” or “try the California roll” or “bla bla blah”. I F’in hate it. Its gross, its uncooked, it smells and F’in Wasabi? [C’mon, how is that good? It tastes like chilled, ass flake pate’]

well anyway that’s all. I’ll post a little something more up beat later tonite


The Fire Hot Five

Its a test weekend so besides neuroanatomy, here are the top 5 things running through my cerebrum [in no particular order]

-Time –
The good ole’ days. That encompasses a lot of different chapters in my life.
Undergrad was fun, High school was ok, my childhood was pretty whimsical i guess. Basically anytime other than the present is pretty appealing right about now.
Did i just say whip? that’s kinda lame. But what ever, The car that is goin through my mind right now, other than Vita, is the 2008 BMW650i [black on black convertible thank you].
-Something Sartorial-

This shirt is tight. Kinda plain but im over flashy
I mean lady…lol, Keri Hilson. I first heard her when i got shock value [before it got jacked] and i liked her voice. But after seeing the video… im a Fan. I did some investigating and she’s done a lot in the industry. She’s pretty tight, so is the video.
Minimalism, i dont know why, but im starting to cut some things. Im limiting my electronic fixation [no ipod, and cell phone use is at an all time low]. Im losing the desire for the latest of anything. I feel like im leaning toward a more organic, books and vegetables peace and love kinda life. I know what i like and if i dont need something, consider it recycled lol
See ya Tuesday [after this monster test]

Goin back…

My first couple post on the blog [way back when] were funny clips. So in the spirit of lookin back, Here are too funny ass clips of people doing what i love the most.