VW and the Kid


this is pretty dope

A little while

follow the link to a touching comment from a contributor for The New Yorker about his family, the Haitian earthquake tragedy and life.

Haiti, the earthquake, and my family: newyorker.com

lloraras = you will cry

I really like this song. Please just ignore the dancing lol

Gone too soon…

This was a very chill weekend. I didn’t do much at all but I loved it. I rested and was able to get a lot of studying done. I chilled with some friends and had some good ol home cooking.

I did have some good conversation this weekend, i must say. Its good to hang out and talk about real stuff with people. Its not every day that you get deeper than the surface with people. I like it when I can spend time with friends and actually get beyond pop culture and what ever is in the moment, and talk about life and the future and hopes and dreams. I guess I’ve been missing a really close human connection or something because   when i spent most of the weekend at my friends family home it really felt like a need i didnt even know I had was being fulfilled. Its like my spirit needed to be around family.

I got to see Conans last episode as host of The Tonight Show. That whole ordeal  was just horrible. I’ve been pretty loyal to NBC through the years, I dont watch a lot of TV but when  I do, if its network TV its always NBC. I absolutely hate what they did to Conan. He didnt deserve this. Its ok cause they will regret it, because he was much funnier, creative and  more intune with younger people than Jay could ever be. I also would say that Jay has lost even more points in book. He is already a making the big bucks, He shoulda just stepped down and retired and let Conan keep the show. He has some friggin nerve tryin to act like it wasnt his fault [he brought this on himself, his 10 o’clock show was HORRIBLE] and then trying to go in on Conan, and then trying to flip it and be nice again. Its ok cause where ever Conan goes [in September] I know he is gonna be ok and that when ever he comes back hes gonna be better than ever.

I did passively see two movies this weekend, I saw RocknRolla and The Tailor of Panama. Both were good, I have to watch the tailor again to catch the locations and to see for intently how they portrayed mi Panama.

Before I go to bed I have to say that i really like GQ.com. Their blogs are awesome, The GQ eye and The Q are spot on. This weekend during study breaks I would pop over there to see how they covered the Fall 2010 fashion week in Paris. I gotta give it to em cause they are pretty thorough. After looking at some of the shows i was kinda impressed. Some of these designers have some pretty cool stuff, so I’ll be posting my favorite pics and  junk a little later this week.

well its late and I have an early day at the clinic…. so hasta luego, peace & love and everything else



Great Stuff

Found this on the How to make it in America website. I wanna watch this show really bad, since I just got hip to Entourage, I already this new show How to make it, is gonna be great. Its from the producers of Entourage and set in NY. It has a few up an coming stars like Alec Baldwins new wife from Its Complicated, Kid Cudi and the main reason I’ll watch, Victor Rasuk. Victor is one of my favorite young actors because of his work on my All time favorite Coming of Age/ Summer of Youth movie, Raising Victor Vargas. I like to see him gettin work, cause dude is pretty talented. So anyway, as i was surfing the web i found a vid of him reading a short story that Junot Diaz did for The New Yorker. Its  pretty dope so enjoy. Im off to bed, i gotta go in tomorrow… on a sunday…

en vivo = live

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