I have a big DAY tomorrow post exam, i gotta put em down before I forget.
(the following is my itinerary, in no particular order) 

1. MOVIES!!! I need to see like 3 or 4 movies. Starting with Fantastic Mr. Fox, i also wanna see The Road, Ninja Assassin and  then either The Box or The Blind Side
(yeah, i got alot of sittin on my ass to do lol)

2. Handle Business, Sheesh, I have piles of bills, and tons of calls to make. Med school can really F up your ish. Not to mention the med school related stuff, i got a scholarship thing i gotta get sent out, i have to help with the senior citizen health fair thing. Ay ay ay 

3. Relax, somewhere in the brief 24 hour period that is tomorrow, i gotta relax. Go out and have a nice meal, not thanksgiving left overs (which i am still killin) and just chill. Maybe before the movie. Bar Louie anyone? 

ok, now back to the books

What a weekend…


I been stuck in the house all weekend, on account of this Psych Shelf on Monday. Its ok though, cause i killed two birds with one stone. I got to hear a lot of new music while i was studying. The new John Mayer is pretty good, i hate Taylor Swift, so that song blows, but the rest is good lol. I got the new Rihanna on Amazon mp3 for 3 bucks [i overpaid lol]. So here I am minutes to 8 in a mellow mood, probably gonna round out the study night with a crucial Marley mix, so there ya have it.

hasta luego


Some Spanish Music

Girl of the Moment

Only because I’m in the mood for Asian lol

Meet Jarah Mariano, a Hawaiian/Chinese/Korean model that is drop dead gorgeous.
I’ve obsessed over her before and since she is still hot, She deserves the title of Girl of the Moment

check out her Sports Illustrated model profile for more.

Hot things November Edition

Well, it goes without saying that Teen Dream, the New Beach House Album due in January is on my radar. I listened to the whole album and am still loving it.

I get a little respite from the hustle and bustle of DC for a while and go to more in NY lol. But its all gonna be worth it. I get to spend time with my parents and some of their friends. And i get to catch the Lion King. Im hype like a little kid, I know its gonna be great

I’ve been killin golden raisins recently. Them jones are good lol

I like corduroy and I probably will get a new pair for work and play. I just gotta find something that wont seem redundent. I love my brown cords, and i was thinking about getting another shade of brown, but After seeing that killer black cord suit part of the Band of Outsiders and Barneys Mashup , i may just get some in black… I think since my casual style has really toned down a lot and is more focused on darker colors and fit, i happen to love the entire BOA, No Bunk No Junk! collection.
( the cord suit and the black and white gingham shirt are two of my favorites)

– Past time-
After I finish this Psych rotation im gonna pick up my spanish grammar book, i was going through it today and realized that I should keep it up. If i get through a chapter a week, i should be straight by the end next semester.

Well ok, its getting late and I got a BIG DAY tomorrow [note the excitement lol]
so buenas noches


Screw it lol

some things are too good to be true. They took down the myspace Leak of the Upcoming Beach House record.


Im sitting here listening to the New Beach House CD Teen Dream. And they bring it non stop. Somehow it leaked,which is the only reason I’m not putting the link on here, cause I dont want them to take it down lol. Their sound is more mature and more developed. They sound like old beach house but the production and songs are richer and have more tecture and layers. 2010 is gonna be fire for music [i dont know how much i can reiterate that lol]

aight, back to cleaning