T-minus 2 weeks & counting!!!

I sit for the Step one in two weeks… [but im not freakin out] Im eerily calm and just drudging through all this info. But since the new Grizzly Bear Album came out on tuesday I’ll post some live versions on my two favorite songs on the record.   I’ll be writing some more stuff tomorrow night until then…




Id be lying if i said that I remeber the book word for word, but can say for sure, that I know that I really used to like it. Anyways, [i dont gotta explain myself to yall lol]It looks like its gonna be amazing, visually atleast. The screen caps and clips that i’ve seen are dope. I also really like the trailor. [ I guess helps that Arcade fire song helps]

aight, back to Kaplan Q-bank



The Master

You dont have to be an opera fan to know that Pavarotti was the man. I’ve had a couple of his best songs in my head for awhile. enjoy

muy bien

this blocked Danger Mouse CD is pretty dope. Once again NPR comes through, seem like my favorite radio station has their ears to streets, cause this CD doesnt seem like its gonna be released. I like me some Danger Mouse, but i wouldnt buy no blank CDR to prove a purpose. A link to the story is below. Also a link to listen to the entire CD, thanks to NPR.

Im headed to bed, after i finish listening to the whole thing lol
The news story
The Album at the center of it all

Its been long over due


Its been a while since I’ve had time to post my usual list of things that I like/feel/am anticipating; its all been because of my whirlwind of a year. There have been a lot of the proverbial ups and downs that come with school, but to just call this this year “one of ups and downs” would be an a grave understatement…. I’ll go into the details of my year later, Cause its not the time. Its time for the HOT THINGS!
Being right at the 1 month mark before my step 1 i cant see any movies, but there are a few that I really need to see. Here are my top 5, in no particular order[some on DVD, some in theatres now and some coming out this summer]
I-Role Models… never got to see it
II- Star Trek, looks pretty good, not a Treky [by any stretch of the imagination] at all but I know a lil somethin something lol
III- Transformers II
IV- Terminator Salvation
V- Doubt, cause Meryl Streep is the truth
OMG, friggin Q-tip, Raphael Saadiq and D’angelo got a super group project comin out!!! Yeah im a fan, so I cant wait to here the sickness thats comin outta that.
[i also wanna get that new grizzly bear album comin out at the end of the month]
Im gonna read like 3 books this summer, cause im gonna be away in NC doing some shadowing and getting some exposure. I went to the book store the other day and saw some classics, i think i wanna finish Candide, the one i bought but never finished last year.
Im on my grown man grind hard, so since I feel like you gotta have all aspects of your life the same wavelength, my wardrobe is def shaping up to match my mood. This summer I think plain T’s and Tank tops are gonna be a  staple. Paired with my stussy shades [& maybe those raybans i’ve been promising myself] and comfy pants/shorts, its def gonna be a relaxed, grown look. Not too trendy but def  young fresh 
Im planning on doing a lot of traveling this summer. Since I love latin america, im even more excited that Im going to Panama and the Dominican Republic this summer. Its gonna be great times.

Mellow Fellow

in that kinda mood

Im in a good place in my life, just focused and mellow.  I sit for STEP 1 in exactly a month from today.