New Years Parties…

– Every year there is such a big hype around what people are doing for New Years. People spend ridiculous amounts of money to go to these big new years parties and things at clubs and lounges all over. They pay even more than the usually inflated club prices for the same liquor they can get at the corner store for like $25 a bottle. Girls go crazy looking for that perfect skimpy little dress to wear in the freezing cold just to look good for some drunk dudes who could really give a damn [“as long as you breathing baby”]. Its kinda ridiculous. And the countdown… People are too drunk to even know what the hell is goin on. Last year the countdown was so unorganized  flicted that i was actuallly mad [ like I came out for THIS?!]. I didnt wanna post a “Really?” post about Christmas because in my Blackberry group i was damn near crucified for saying the the hype around Christmas day was not warranted, dont get me wrong I LOVE the christmas season and the break because of all the family and friends, I just think people put too much focus on the day itself. Looking for christmas miracles and stuff, aint nothin particularly magical about the day, i think its all in the season. The jews had it right with the whole 8 days of hanukkah.  I guess Im just not a fan for the hype of any one day lol.

But back to New Years… So my question is Really? Are New Years parties really worth it? Is all the hype and money and effort really worth it, when going out on new years is just like anyother night? If thats the case I should make a club called club new year, where everynight you party like its a new year, count downs and all lol. There are much better things that you can do to bring in the new year. Like go to a more personal get together with friends or family. Those are always more fun and you have less chance of starting the new year waking up next to a big regret lol.

what ever you do be safe and have fun


I can barely believe that this year is almost over. 2010 is right around the corner, and I am pretty excited to see all that is going to happen in the new year. I’m usually pretty reserved about being excited for the new year but this year has a lot of promise. Personal issues, professional, recreational and music. All aspects of my life are on the up and up and so Im super hyped about this new year and stuff, but before we start the new year I have 5 hot things on my mind and here they are, the last for 2009

Panama! volume 3- Calypso Panameno, Guajira Jazz & Cumbia Tipica On the isthmus. Its a great CD, the classic tunes are all pretty sweet. I played it on Christmas and had the whole house dancing. The music is such a great mix of everything I love Spanish music, Soul music, Carribean music and funk. I pretty much thought it was off the radar but the hipster magazine The Fader, a site I visit for new cool stuff, actually did a piece on the project with the compiler. I love mi panama and this CD takes me there. Here is a link to the interview with RobertoGyemant the guy who compiled the CD for the british label Sound Way records, who by the way have a pretty nice catalog.

– Locale-
Atlanta. People always sing the praises of their home city but I genuinely love Atlanta on a different level. Maybe its all of the fond feelings and the fact that I dont spend enough time out here anymore to actually get sick of it, but I really love it in Atlanta. The people are great, I LOVE my family and all their goodness and even the bad, the weather, the night life [if i can actually get out]. Everything is great down in GA. I just gotta figure out if it will help me grow if i came back for residency…


The new GQ with Rihanna on the cover. People hate and I have done it too but damn, some things are undeniable. She is a sexy beast lol

-Music Video-
Im not that big a Jay Z fan [to be honest, im not that big a rap fan anymore] But I like that JayZ  Forever Young song, but only for the hook. So i guess Its natural that I’d like the original that he sampled for the hook. So here are both, the original and the Jay ft Hudson version

“The bravest are surely those who have the clearest vision of what is before them, glory and danger alike, and yet notwithstanding, go out to meet it.”

I love this quote because it applies to my life right about now. I want to forward into this new year bravely and boldly. Not holding anything back. I know that I have a  lot of challenges and rough times ahead that I havent yet faced, but I know that I can conquer these trials AND my fears and become stronger and smarter and that much better as a result.

So true

GQ put up a funny piece about facebook friends. And I laughed the whole time because Its so true and i could name my version of these people easily lol


Chevere Que Chevere

I love being home. Its one of the best feelings in the world. Its late and I don’t want to start  a big long post about how much I enjoy being home. Its CHRISTMAS and though it doesnt have the same feeling it had as a little kid, i still love it because of the time I get to spend with family. Being at home, eating all the goodies, watching movies and kidding around in my element is the best. I love my fam and I love Christmas. I get to think a lot and get more grounded in myself when Im here. The lord has been good to me and my family and as I really think about it, this may be the last christmas I have with my family for a while. So who ever reads this Enjoy the time you do have with the ones you love and be sure to let them know also have a  have a safe and wonderful holiday.

Peace & Love


Audi E Tron concept… Nice

All the Kings Men

saw All the King’s Men, With Sean Penn, Jude Law, Anthony Hopkins and Kate Winslet (too name a few) on sunday for free on Hulu, none-the-less. Its been around since 2006 and the movie was pretty good. Penn’s performance was good if not a little affected, at times his Willie Stark seemed Drunk when he clearly wasn’t supposed to be. Jude law was good also [ but then again i even like Alfie lol]. But anyways I dont think you could go wrong with the movie because its based on the 1936 novel by the same name and penned by Robert Penn Warren. The original movie that came out won an academy award for best picture in 1949. [so basically the pedigree is all there]. I can only imagine how the book must be. But yeah, one very memorable scene was in the saloon with the lady on skates. The song is one that you’ve heard a few times but never no the name…well this time I looked and its a pretty amazing song. So here ya go


Love this

grizzly bear and Dead Prez… who knew?



Hold fast to dreams
For if dreams die
Life is a broken-winged bird
That cannot fly.
Hold fast to dreams
For when dreams go
Life is a barren field
Frozen with snow. 

-Langston Hughes-

soldado = soldier


Sade Soldier of Love is near perfection.

Much ado about the xx?

For this new aspect of the blog, i’ll just go over things that I hear or trends that are on the radar. I’ll evaluate them and give my opinion, because some of this stuff out there will have you instantly hooked, or scratching your head like, “Reallly? This is ish is popular?”

Claim: Up and coming South London band The xx is the next “it” group

Verdict: Maybe not the second coming, but much promise… They have a pretty distinct sound, which is always a plus. Their music could technically be placed in a genre, but it crosses some boundaries [another plus].  I get the hints of sca and the obvious new wave vibe too.  They a few songs from their myspace sound like it would totally be a late 00’s version of John Hughes movie fodder [gotta love their aaliyah cover]. I basically just really hate bands that sound like everyone else. I also like the male female leads. I like the interplay they have on crystalised. Their sleepy sound is kind of refreshing when everyone else is screaming they stay at a steady rumble. Which has worked thus far to get them noticed.