every time we say goodbye

I love classic music. One of my favorite composers is Cole Porter. He has some really great songs. And of his songs, Every time we say goodbye, near the top of my favorites. The song popped in my head yesterday and has stayed there going on two days. Which reminded me of a movie i saw over Christmas break, Prelude to a kiss, with Alec Baldwin and Meg Ryan. The song was used a lot in the movie. The movie was very different but good none the less. I recommend both [but can only leave you a link to the song you S.O.L. on the movie]. 

The Movie


I hate the cold weather, and i hate snow

that is all

planificar = to plan

OK, being a second year in med school there comes a time in your life where you need to sit down, take an inventory of your life, and think. The usmle step 1 [the most important test that of medschool] is about 18 weeks away. My goal today, besides regular lecture duties, is to sit down and formulate a plan of attack. This monster of a test encompasses all the information that I’ve learned/covered over the past two whirlwind years. What ever my plan is it has to be concise, smart and effective, because the outcome of this test kinda determines the outcome of my medical career… but no pressure right?

peace love& PLANNING

cool song and a cool dude

Listening to NPR today i heard a compelling interview with the author/director Eugene Jarecki. I will definitely be looking further into his writings and insights when i find the time.  His new book the American Way of War: Guided Missles, Misguided Men,and a Republic in Peril and his documentary is called Why We Fight. He talks about some serious topics and brings up some soul stirring points. Its a something to seriously look further into

on a much lighter note. Here is a cool Killers song

The Killers – I Cant Stay – The Killers

ok, back to cholecyctitis 
peace& love


My blog started out in september 2007. It was started under the name mdinthedmv.blogspot.com.

I got over that name sometime in late 2008 so i changed the title to a variation of the Wailers song, Punky Reggae Party. I like the nom de guerre, Soul rebel, so i naturally just made a little switch and revamped my blog. But anyway this isnt going to be a long post, because i have a Gastrointestinal test tomorrow, I was just givin some background.
here is the song, its one of my favorites. I sometimes like to spaz out and dance like a a reggae rocker to this. [lol enjoy the mental image, and if you cant look up the movie Rockers on youtube, you will understand after you see the dance hall scene]

Punky Reggae Party – Bob Marley & The Wailers

anyway im out
Peace& love

Las Cosas

So much to say…

But so little time.

I cant really say anything that hasn’t been said about the inauguration. I just feel immensely blessed to have been there and witness it all. So I’ll leave you with the benediction from the right reverend Joseph Lowery.

Peace love& HOPE



As i sit here on the cusp of history. I find myself welling up with a vast range of emotions. To just sit and think, really think about how far my people have come; i feel an unadulterated gratefulness and am left in awe. I sat in my car and listened to an interview with the Reverend Joseph Lowery, and earlier today listened to a great piece on an urban radio station, it was Ray Charles “America the Beautiful” with clips the “I have a Dream” speech and sound bites taken during the 2008  election.  So on this Martin Luther King Jr. day, i post this speech, such a timely and timeless speech, delivered some 40 plus years ago. Greatness is not made, it rises up when we need it most.


Calmar = to calm

I sometimes worry that with all the music i post that this will be viewed as a music blog.  But whatever… There are many a day when i just to sit back, relax and try to clear my head. When those days come i listen to music. I dont have any one particular genre, there are just certain artists that can help me settle my nerves. Here are some great songs.

Train Song – Feist and Ben Gibbard

Deep Blue Sea – Dan Rossen of Grizzly Bear

Angel Eyes – Ella Fitzgerald

Ay, the anticipation

Ok, we are a week and day away from Barack Obamas inaugeration, and the anticipation is killin me. I have a weird anticipatory feeling that i cannot shake. I’ve never felt so personally vesting in politics. Barack Obama and his political team have done a really good job. They found a way to humanize him and make people feel that they actually know him.

Its a brand new feeling for me because i’ve been generally detached from politics [ i mean, i know whats goin on, but in a kind of apathetic way] But now im actually going to put a portrait of the man in my house, like in those old 50’s and 60’s movies. You know the ones, they had the white jesus and the current president hanging in the family room. 
Its a good feeling because for my whole life i’ve honestly felt apathetic to many aspects of American culture. I guess this whole election has made me feel like, the son of an African American man and a Panamanian afro latina is just as American as the next guy. For my whole life i kinda felt like somewhat of a pilgrim, someone just passing through. Never really home. I know one thing, Inspiration is something that doesn’t come all too often but when it comes, it can move you to the core
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