Rita Ora



Que rico

Puerto Rican Model,  Joan Smalls is just amazing. Shes my favorite mix,  Latin/black, I mean, it dont get much better.

[These photos where taken in Puerto Rico. You can ignore the midgety pop singer in some of the photos lol]

Cindy Crawford

Hachi Machi!!!

Denise Vasi

Hot and Rainy

Five hot things from the internet and on my mind on this rainy chilly day in DC


The Gant by Michael Bastian spring 2011 collection is pretty dope. I gave the collection a once over after I copped some great Gant Jeans a few days ago.


Finally finished catching up on my Parks and Rec. This show is great, a lot of great “Lol” moments


speaking of Parks and Rec, I think that April (Aubrey Plaza) doesn’t get enough credit. She is unconventionally cute and her being super funny and half Puerto Rican makes her even more desirable lol


old Ray Charles clips


My time in DC is quickly nearing an end. Its one of the most bittersweet times of my life. In some ways, more so than graduating from Ungrad. I guess the reality that “real life” actually starts after this graduation. Real work, real responsibility, real autonomy. I have had a great time in DC and have grown more in this period of four years than I may have in any other time of my life. The friends I’ve met and made are the kinds that last a life time. The lessons learned are innumerable. Its a very somber time. Everyone is excited and anxious about everything that is about to head our way.

I just wanna take it all in. Enjoy DC and the people up here as much as I can. So i’ve started a grand adventure to finish my DC bucket list. So far so good.

Red = Rojo

I’ve recently come to terms with the fact that I like Rihanna’s music. She’s not the best singer,  but not everyone can be. I actually like some straight up pop goodness once in a while. Besides girls like it and they like to dance to her stuff, and I like to watch girls dance to her stuff #winwinsituation. I also happen to like the way she looks with all that red hair. I normally hate RED ASS HAIR, but i guess thats cause its usually on hood rats.

She pulls it off well and looks great.

Sweat dreams lol


Cold War

love this chick with her crazy little self

In love

I love Emanuela De Paula