Amistad = Friendship

There are people who you meet and instantly have a connection with. Its that deep connection where you connect on some other plane. You mesh with them and you get them, no matter who they are or where they come from. It crosses cultural and gender  lines. Its as if you were meant to meet these people. You were meant to be friends and you are meant to spend the rest of your life with them as a part.

I am grateful for my true friends. The ones who I have this connection with. The ones I can trust fully and can have those wordless conversations. I am a very open person and I like to meet new people and make new friends. But I am also stingy with who I let in. I have found that you cant give everyone all of you. Cause some have bad intentions or are too self involved to worry about you. Being a private person, I tend to keep my innermost thoughts to myself. I can be friendly with anyone, but when it comes to really opening up, it takes a very special person. 
I always say what I mean. And when I find those special souls on my journey through life, I keep them close and treat them like family. I was already blessed to be born into an amazing family, but there is also something to be said about the family you meet along the way…
ok back to studying


This hat was made for me

Rag and Bone Liberty Fedora in Black Panama


It’s Blitz

by far the BEST CD of 2009 that i didn’t listen to.
The YEAH YEAH YEAHS have always been a great band. This album was great because they kept their original sound but also used a softer touch than I am used to hearing from them. I love it and will be listening to it ALL week for sure.
follow the link to hear it 

Dope Shirt


late nite

song of the night

Its official

Im a Fan of the Black keys and their newest album, Brothers

this one has to be one of the best tracks… it speaks to me lol

Correr = To run

Ran my first Half Marathon today in Annapolis.

It was an experience.  It feels good to push yourself to do something that not everyone has done.

I like a challenge. Now to try to perfect it

-NBA Finals and USMLE world for me tonite-

peace&love yall