I recently made some big purchases. I got a leather jacket and a cole haan briefcase. I like both equally and i got good deals on both; but now im kinda in a tough spot.Ya see, I spent a pretty penny on them and i have T-minus 59 days to decide if i wanna actually keep them both or return one and maybe wait on Christmas to recoup the one i return. The other option is of course to keep them both and go on my jolly ol way lol…

what to do , what to do?

btw that Sons of Anarchy may be my guilty pleasure for fall. I kinda followed the first season, but this one looks as if its gonna be REALLY good. The season 1 finale had me shook and this season opening was somethin fierce.

aight this is good nite forreal this time
peace & love


you said it sister

I guess i got two things on my mind. Georgia and “the future”. One is so comforable and safe. The other is unknown and quite fankly, kinda scary. I guess the more anxious i get about one the more i need the other. I guess its all about balance


Good night

New Stuff

Yo i found this dude on stereogum a while ago. Then he had a free song up earlier in the week. I was gonna post some of his stuff,but forgot… So then i just found out that kanye put some stuff up. [Im sayin all this cause i just wanted to clarify that i seen him first lol]

Dude has some pretty dope stuff. He has a CD comin out in 2010, should be good. I was kinda mad that i missed a DC performance due to school and junk, but there will probably be other shows to catch. aight, enjoy

dont have a seizure

solamente una mas

just another little bolero for the road. O, I also want some black wingtips, but im kinda confused. I dont know what type of broging i should get, heavy light??? Im looking for a work shoe that i could also wear out or maybe church or something… i’ll find something before the season is over i guess

well im done
Good Night


I dont always look for affirmation, as a matter of fact it usually just comes to me outta thin air [though i dont actively seek it, when it comes i recieve it with open arms]. Im glad that I got my rotation schedule the way i did. I wasnt just thrown to the wolves, ive been easing into this clerkship year with the “lighter” clerkships in the first half of the year. While doing this Family Medicine Rotation my love for medicine and people and this profession have all been fortified. Work in the clinic is not really like work at all. Time moves so fast, but in the best way possible, because you are productive and at the end of the day you feel so accomplished. Its one of the greatest things to know for a fact, at such a relativly young age, that at this exact moment in time you are doing exactly what you where made to do ; that you are in the right place and that everything [and everyone for that matter] that you have sacrificed was worth it.

This is living the dream