B-O-O spring 2010

I love Band of Outsiders, and here is a look at their spring 2010 collection.


Some good ol quotes

Sittin in chapel today i heard a pretty amazing quote from Pearl Bailey. I had never heard of her before, but turns out she was a prominent singer/actor in the mid 20th century. I’ll do more research on her later, but here are a couple quotes of hers that stick out to me. The first being something i live by.

“A man without ambition is dead. A man with ambition but no love is dead. A man with ambition and love for his blessings here on earth is ever so alive.”

“People see God every day, they just don’t recognize him. “

“We look into mirrors but we only see the effects of our times on us — not our effects on others.”

“What the world really needs is more love and less paper work.”

lol at the last one, I have more to say but later. I gotta talk about this random but very amazing trip to The Bronx.


The divine sarah vaughan, Sweet Ella, and Pearl Bailey… i saw this clip before, just didnt know who the pearl was. anyhow, enjoy

Road, Trippin

Its friggin september…. i know, its been september for 11 days, but think about it. 2009 JUST started and look, you turn around and its freakin September. But then again, real talk, it feels like just yesterday the world change. That fateful september morning that changed the world happend 8 years ago today. That day i was in the early throngs of my junior year of high school, i remember it very vividly….

But yeah, time just doesnt slow down, especially if you dont stop to smell the roses every once in a while. I intend on stopping a lot this weekend, since im going to New York for the residency fair at Albert Einstein and spending the rest of the day taking in the city. I dont know where Im being pulled to, future and residency wise, but im keeping my mind open cause who knows whats around the next corner. I could be in the bronx or something or maybe on that international research thing, the options are limitless; and just knowing that i could be doing anythins is what has me trippin so hard.

I’ll be ok i know, i know, im just sayin that its something that has been on my mind alot. But thats just me, going into the 8th week of school has me looking back at where i was and how far i’ve come already. Its pretty amazing how much can change. Thats why now im trying to write more just to keep track of where i’ve been and how far and fast im going toward my goals.

Life is crazy, i love it for all the ups, downs, quirks and little gems that pop up unexpected.

well i gotta get ready for bed cause im on the first thing headed up to NYC




I recently made some big purchases. I got a leather jacket and a cole haan briefcase. I like both equally and i got good deals on both; but now im kinda in a tough spot.Ya see, I spent a pretty penny on them and i have T-minus 59 days to decide if i wanna actually keep them both or return one and maybe wait on Christmas to recoup the one i return. The other option is of course to keep them both and go on my jolly ol way lol…

what to do , what to do?

btw that Sons of Anarchy may be my guilty pleasure for fall. I kinda followed the first season, but this one looks as if its gonna be REALLY good. The season 1 finale had me shook and this season opening was somethin fierce.

aight this is good nite forreal this time
peace & love


you said it sister

I guess i got two things on my mind. Georgia and “the future”. One is so comforable and safe. The other is unknown and quite fankly, kinda scary. I guess the more anxious i get about one the more i need the other. I guess its all about balance


Good night

New Stuff

Yo i found this dude on stereogum a while ago. Then he had a free song up earlier in the week. I was gonna post some of his stuff,but forgot… So then i just found out that kanye put some stuff up. [Im sayin all this cause i just wanted to clarify that i seen him first lol]

Dude has some pretty dope stuff. He has a CD comin out in 2010, should be good. I was kinda mad that i missed a DC performance due to school and junk, but there will probably be other shows to catch. aight, enjoy

dont have a seizure

solamente una mas

just another little bolero for the road. O, I also want some black wingtips, but im kinda confused. I dont know what type of broging i should get, heavy light??? Im looking for a work shoe that i could also wear out or maybe church or something… i’ll find something before the season is over i guess

well im done
Good Night