in a classical mood…

dont ask me why, but I’ve been on a classical kick…
Renee fleming and Pavarotti


Cherry Duet

song to the moon

Luchador = Fighter

I went to NJ and NY this weekend.

The NJ trip was very personal. I was visiting my uncle, who is not doing well medically. He’s been struggling with his health for almost 30 years. As long as I can remember he has been in the struggle. Well, going up to visit him made me realize a few things.

First, I have no reason to complain about anything. I have never seen my uncle complain about stuff. He gets frustrated, but he deals with it. When I look at my own situations I know thatI have been truly blessed in life so far, and I really dont have anything to complain about, no matter how tired I am or how bad things may seem.

Secondly, I’ve realized more than ever before that faith and belief can go a long way. The whole time I was visiting, he equated how far hes come to no one or nothing other than God. He is one of the most faithful men I have ever met.

A third and final thing I took away from my time in NJ is that love, true love, is the most powerful human force. Between seeing my 83 year old grandma up there helping around and my aunt, my uncles wife, who has stuck by him through better or worse and this whole illness for the better part of their marriage, i am truly humbled. True love has no limits, and it sticks there when all of the niceties are gone and there is no time for all the fluff. I want to have love like that.

The other part of my trip was to the Bronx. I got to visit Montefiore medical center for the second time. I got to meet some attendings and residents in the Social internal medicine program, I got to go on some patient encounters and I was able to learn about a pretty awesome legal aid organization called Bronx Defenders. With all the health care reform talk and all of these major decisions in life I have been really thinking about my career and the direction I want to take it. Im open to almost anything, but I know there are some aspects of practice that I want to be at the center of what I want to do.

I want to fight. I want to fight for my patients and be an advocate for change and the reduction of the health disparities that affect my people. I also want to have some form of social/medical research aspect in my career, I think that its great to spend time one on one, but larger scale changes can be made with larger studies. I also want to integrate spanish in my practice. Over the past 4-5 years I’ve been gradually working on my spanish. At the rate Im going I can see myself really doing well and actually becoming fluent enough to use it in the hospital.

Overall these past few years have been a testament to the fact that nothing really happens randomly. Some things fit so nicely into place that there is no way I could have foreseen or even tried to plot things out. Now Im just trying to keep an eye and ear out for opportunites and seizing the ones that come because big things are happening. And everything that I am doing now is like preparation for the big fight Im about to join, its not an easy thing, this medicine business, but I am getting ready for show time…

good night

asesino= killer

One of my favorite songs by The Killers

now back to work…

5 HOT THINGS Early Spring Edition

It seems like this winter lasted FOREVER. I literally forgot how it felt to go outside in warm beautiful weather, recently DC has been warming up and today was amazing. IT was warm but not hot,  that perfect temp where long sleeves are ok, but so is a polo. I love this time of the year. So, though im early, and should be reading something in preparation for my Surgery Shelf Exam, I decided to post my 5 hot things, Early Spring Edition

Rihanna’s Rude boy video…. The song is good, its catchy and poppy with a little reggae feel. But to be really honest, the best thing about the song is the video. The video is perfect. Its retro and vibrant and SEXY. I could watch this thing all day lol

I recently ordered a short story book to try to keep up with some extra curricular reading. I only read it when im handlin buisness in the restroom lol, but so far its been really good. The book, Slapboxing with Jesus, by Victor LaValle is his first book, it was published in 1999. I picked it up because I like short story collections and because I read one of his more recent pieces online. I also like that he has a style similar to Junot Diaz and that his main characters are young black/spanish guys. So far so Good, if this book keeps it momentum I’ll be adding more LaValle to my collection.

Denim jackets and Shirts [but only in updated and slimmer/trimmer cuts]

‚ÄúNothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude”
Thomas Jefferson

Thank god al might, SPRING is here!

good nite


“Every man must decide whether he will walk in the light of creative altruism or in the darkness of destructive selfishness.”
-Martin Luther King Jr-


This song is amazing. I love its pulse.I like how it keeps building and moving forward,and the organs and guitars are friggin awesome. I’ve been playing this song on repeat all weekend.

Spring? Is that really you?

Today was Beautiful.

It was actually kinda warm. I almost forgot what it felt like to walk outside, and freeze my ass off lol. It kinda sucks that I probably wont get to see the sun for the next few weeks, since the harder portions of surgery are coming up, but que sera sera. I’ll take what I can get lol.

This weekend was semi productive, between studying I was actually able to make a lot of leeway on my personal statement and this extracurricular project im working on. And besides the productivity, i actually got to surf the web. I found an Ella Fitzgerald CD full of stuff that I have never heard of [i love finding new music gems]. I also spent a while on saturday listening to essays on This I believe. An amazing project supported by NPR. I literally had to pull myself away from the computer, those essays are so good.

follow the link to the Amazing Ella CD
Like Someone In Love album by Ella Fitzgerald

and here is the link to This I believe, dive in

ok thats all

la poeta = the poet

Mercedes Sosa was amazing. Her music is so meaningful and spiritual. Im really feeling this right now.

cool stuff

porsche 918 spyder hybrid
premiered at the geneva auto show
they have this virtual try on which is cool, they also have this set up where they send you five pairs of glasses and you get to try them on, all you gotta do is return the ones you don’t want.


No Hay Nada Mas
cool track of the Mos Def album, The Ecstatic , which is DOPE btw