*High 5*


This is the coldest varsity jacket EVER


The League: I just got put on


Lotus Flower Bomb… Heard it at Yardfest. I’ve had it on replay eversince

And Then Rihanna everything. [im slightly ashamed lol]

Her song, We Found Love  has been in my head all week, the video is pretty great too.

Plus she teamed up with Coldplay on their new album for the dope track, Princess of China

– Things to Do-

Day tripping.

I randomly wen to NYC for a day trip by my lonesome. It was nice to get out and do something random and fun. I walked all over Lower Manhattan, Occupied Wall street for a bit, Shopped in SoHo and 5th ave



I go back to Atlanta tomorrow.

Miami Heat

I started this blog 4 years ago. Its been a great experience. I can go back to any old posts and see what I was thinking at that point. I’ll keep it up throughout my Residency; it will be cool to see how things develop and the blog and I change….

We’ll, with that said…. I’ll post one of my favorite aspects of the blog, 5 hot things, the first from my new home, MIAMI.


The limited edition BMW M3 2011 Frozen Black Edition


Minimalist home decor.

I love the clean modern looks. It’s exactly what I want for my new place


Shoes by Oak Street Bootmakers, hand-crafted in the USA


During my free time I’ve been reading through my collection of James Baldwin Essays. I believe every black kid should be required to read his work. His thoughts are as progressive and relevant today, as they were when he first penned them. He described the negro condition in such a tragic, visceral way.


Life is good now.

Hot and Rainy

Five hot things from the internet and on my mind on this rainy chilly day in DC


The Gant by Michael Bastian spring 2011 collection is pretty dope. I gave the collection a once over after I copped some great Gant Jeans a few days ago.


Finally finished catching up on my Parks and Rec. This show is great, a lot of great “Lol” moments


speaking of Parks and Rec, I think that April (Aubrey Plaza) doesn’t get enough credit. She is unconventionally cute and her being super funny and half Puerto Rican makes her even more desirable lol


old Ray Charles clips


My time in DC is quickly nearing an end. Its one of the most bittersweet times of my life. In some ways, more so than graduating from Ungrad. I guess the reality that “real life” actually starts after this graduation. Real work, real responsibility, real autonomy. I have had a great time in DC and have grown more in this period of four years than I may have in any other time of my life. The friends I’ve met and made are the kinds that last a life time. The lessons learned are innumerable. Its a very somber time. Everyone is excited and anxious about everything that is about to head our way.

I just wanna take it all in. Enjoy DC and the people up here as much as I can. So i’ve started a grand adventure to finish my DC bucket list. So far so good.

-Weekend Warrior –

I’ve been having some great weekends. Last week was my birthday and a pretty epic weekend in LA and this weekend, which was much more low key but also fun. I got to catch up with some folk, made some great purchases and got it cracking in the  Karaoke  bar. So here is my 5 hot things and weekend round up all in one.


Got some Doc Martens today. I forgot how much I liked them till i saw them. They are super comfortable and pretty sick


Childish Gambino a.k.a. Donald Glover is dope

Its also pretty awesome that Arcade Fire actually won album of the year. This is kind of a big deal

– TV-

Watched some Community and Parks and Rec this weekend. I’m not all caught up on the new seasons, but it felt good to catch up on some of the best stuff on TV.


This was my first week back at running full time, and it was a success. I want to work my way up to 13 mile runs within the next 10 weeks. I’ll keep yall updated on my progress.


Caught up with one of the homies this weekend. We didn’t talk long but it felt good to find out I’m not the only one thinking this way lol. Getting older makes you think about life and all that grown folks stuff a lot. Things like marriage and career come up a lot [it feels surreal to be thinking about stuff like this]. I  always like to get other folks opinions and perspectives on things. I realize that its a good thing to have an idea of where Im headed and the things I want, the hard part for me is being open to the things I havent thought about, to experience the things meant for me that are unforeseen. I have this weird need for control in certain aspects of life and yet i have this spontaneous streak that is limited to other, seemingly less important, aspects of my life. The worst part is that nowadays they tend to overlap and I can’t turn it off.  Its tough, but I’m  really working on finding my middle ground. Im grateful that life is great for me now, im in a good place career wise and basically in a good place in general. Im just gonna be more open and follow my heart a little more. I mean i guess it cant hurt that much to see where it leads me.

well its late, so I gotta get read for bed.

PEACE, keep ya head up


Great Stuff for 2011

Its 2011 and I still have insomnia like 2010 … aw well take a look around


This Picasso quote is Straight up G. If you got it, you got it. That ish aint even cocky, that is #REALTALK


Some of the Fly stuff that I am feeling for the 1st quarter of 2011

Nothing is more crisp than Selvage Jeans, I bought some from Uniqlo back when I was in NY. I may go for a higher end pair after I start making the real bucks.

Im looking for a grown mans book bag for when I start working next year. Something Functional and Fly.

thick sweaters, nautical sweaters, shawl collar sweaters, I like em all

I like small lightweight turtle necks… suit me

Seriously, contemplating Tossing every T-shirt I own that isn’t black or some shade of grey

I really like these Miansai cord bracelets. I’m usually very iffy on mens jewelry (chains and thangs) But I want one of these, probably the one with the hook.


I know Im late, but I like that New Mark Ronson Album Record Collection and recently have been on that Kid Cudi Man on the Moon II


I got the Picasso and Dylan quotes from promos from this cool documentary on trends and creativity. Follow the link to view the entire documentary.



On Being Underestimated

I get it. I may not be a stereotypical black dude. I may come off kinda unconventional.

Yes, I may listen to all types of music, some that may seemingly come from left field, but Im a lover of music and if it sounds good i can get behind it.

Yes, i may dress differently than you are accustomed too, but  Secretly i know you wish you could pull it off

I may not be a big skirt chaser, I guess thats cause I respect myself and women. I look for deeper connections than anything that can happen in a one night stand.

I may not follow sports too hard, Thats cause I have aught with the system and how the athleticism of the negro is always center stage, while his intellectual development is never discussed. I also resent the fact that these people, who contribute barely anything to society, get paid exponentially more to throw balls around than the people who serve and protect our communities and educate our children.

I  may not fit into any particular box, I mean geez look at me, I’m a country boy turned city boy, I’m an Afro-hispanic doctor, Im bookish but the opposite of austere, I like going out as much as I like museums, I also happen to like alternative music, bolero and tamborito as much as I enjoy old school R&B and hip-hop.

On being underestimated, Im cool with it. You can go ahead and keep doing it, I wont be mad. Cause now, you will be even more surprised when I actually show you how cool I really am.





*HOT STUFF* Coming through

I can’t remember the last time I did a 5 hot things. As I said yesterday, I have been all over. But I definitely found the time to find some great stuff out there. Check it out…


I’ve been trying to increase my library. I have this idea that if I add an literary classic and at least one book from either a latin or black author I should have a pretty nice collection and will have read some great stuff by this time next year. That said, im almost done with Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe.it was my NY metro read, so since I left I have yet to finish it. But its very good thus far. I also bought 1oo Years of Solitude by Gabriel García Márquez.


Music Has been great over the past few months, The solo project from Brandon Flowers, Flamingo, is great. So are the Cee-Lo and N.E.R.D. albums. I havent bought the new Kings of Leon, but I like what I’ve heard online. I cant not talk about the New Kanye album, which is EPIC. The production is amazing, though at times you can feel him getting lost in the session with the songs that go on and on. Also, I must admit that I am a Rihanna fan. Her ish is catchy and pure pop at times, but sometimes thats fine. I like the dancey techno/R&B sound on the radio now.

in other news, Keri hil

idk why i like this song so much lol


Just bought some Brogues from Florsheim, not the color i originally wanted, but I’ll probably get the other ones later lol

– Clothes –

Recently bought a Band of Outsiders Beanie (DOPE and LUX)


I got an Ipod Shuffle for my good friend’s wedding (bridal party gift). I haven’t owned an ipod for over 4 years. I like it. I may get an Ipod touch for christmas, or my Birthday. Im scared though, cause as soon as i get one a NEWER one is bound to drop.

in other news, I got on twitter. Its ok lol #downplayingit

5 hot things FREEDOM edition

Im FREE! This is one of the periods in med school where I have been utterly free. I have three weeks to rest, relax, veg out, read and do nothing [besides maybe plan interviews and stuff]. It still feels kinda weird, but I like it. So this another installment of 5 hot things. Watch out, cause these are particularly caliente.


EASTBOUND AND DOWN is great. Danny McBride is great as Kenny Effin’ Powers. The show is about a foul-mouthed, drug using, washed up ex-MLB player and his attempts to return to his former glory. I saw the whole first season earlier this week on demand, and the first episode of the 2nd too. This show is funny as hell. I may keep my promotional HBO subscription for this. [well…maybe fore this, boardwalk empire, and How to make it in america lol]


I guess my fashion pic is not so “fashionable”. I just want a new hat for winter. So besides a red knit beanie, Im going to buy a Classic Braves fitted. Though Im in a black Tee phase, I also wear a lot of grey, the braves blue and red goes hard with grey.


The Return of D’angelo….

Yup, it’s a collabo with Mark Ronson. It’s not classic “neo soul” D, but its great in a spacey- psychedelic kinda way [ basically confirming Mark Ronson never fails to come through]


I want boots. I like boots, i haven’t owned boots [besides my clarks desert boots] since high school in PA. I’ve been searching I found the perfect multi-purpose, work/play boot in the L.L.bean Work boot.  Im ordering them next week.

– Thoughts-

I was watching the most recent episode of Real time with Bill Maher, which is a great show btw. Anyway, many topics came up from Global warming and how that one CNN correspondent, Amy Holmes [Bitch], expressed an apparently popular conservative point of view concerning Global warming.  There are a lot of people who don’t believe in global warming, but concede that if it does exist, there is evidence that no matter how much we try to curb our pollution, it wont make much difference. These are the same people who are against reform, against regulation and anti-environment. ALL in the name of money… But i digress…

Maher doesn’t believe in God.  He and the rest of his panel that night happened to all not believe in god. They were talking about science and how it gives truth. And all the christians and religious people are “loony”. I believe some christians are loony, as are some scientist. I believe in a balance. I believe that it must be a pretty sad existence to not believe in god. To deny how he moves in your life. To deny the doors he opens and the people he puts in your way. I’ve seen it more than ever during my med school experience in so many different circumstances.

So my thoughts are looking for heavenward. I’m focusing on being grateful for what I have. I’m thanking God for the blessings he’s given me despite the good that I would do, but do not do. It doesn’t take much to take inventory of your life and see how God moves.