I wanna fly away


Final tests of Third year are coming up on monday and tuesday. I have so much crammed into my head, from every ailment known to man and its treatment [and yet I still find time for some existential thinking].

Thinking about life and how people age and how people change is something I frequently think about. I always wonder how old people were when they were younger. When I see older people walking around I try to imagine, what did they do for fun? What kind of people were they? Was that sweet old granny, always like that? Things of that nature always pop in my head. I wonder if these people look at their lives, once they near the end of their journey, and reflect on what was or what could have been.

Life is about the journey and its all about the people you meet. The lives you touch and those that touch your life. We always seem to be so busy, living in the moment or focusing on whats next. I find myself drawn to the past, always eager to learn the back story,the steps in between the present and the very beginning.

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All I want is you…

this ish is smooth. I am definitely feeling this.

Bailar = To dance

Love this friggin song. Its been on repeat all day.

ok… back to the books

How about that…

Forbes is good for their lists. They recently released their list of the World’s Happiest Countries. The top 5 are all Scandinavian countries. I was happy to see that my little spot of paradise, Panama ranked extremely high on the list. It was number twelve, two spots higher than the United States. As far as countries in the Americas, Panama was only behind Costa Rica and Canada.

I can see why, I mean its great down there. And yes there is a lot of hardship and people may not be rich. I just think a lot of people have it right. They focus on family more and value the little things. I guess amazing weather and no natural disasters helps too lol.

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World’s Happiest Countries

Cool Dudes

This is a pic of John Coltrane and Miles Davis in 1956… Miles was always the coolest cat around, but this pic embodies his timeless style. From the lighting to his hair, shades and clothes, everything is superb.
Porfirio Rubirosa, was a Dominican polo player, race car driver and international playboy. He was famous for his jet-setting lifestyle and all of the famous heiresses, actresses and even dictators daughters that he bedded. Rumor has it he had some black in him too lol.

Steve Mcqueen… enough said

best coast

this is summer music