Takin it back

I have very recently been on this whole black empowerment thing. I’ve been reading up about a lot of black history during my spare time and just engrossing myself with the struggle. I sometimes feel that i don’t appreciate where we have come from as much, but when i see movies like the Great Debaters that so eloquently show the story of bBlack America i am altogether returned to focus.

The mere fact that i can be sitting here struggling in Medschol is a testament to the sacrifices of those who came before me. I recently heard a young cousin of mine say that , and i quote,”If I could i would NEVER read a book again, I hate reading”. Mighty strong words. Sure ,reading may not be every ones cup of tea, but DAMN. When your ancestors DIED trying to learn to read and right your tellin me you are THAT content in your own ignorance that you pine for the day that you never have to read again?

Anyway, it feels good to be on this Black America grind. For a while i spent a lot of time getting in touch with my other family roots. I read anything i can get about Panama, Afro-Latinos and Hispanics [I’m even trying to teach myself more Spanish]. But recently i felt that i neglected the American side because i live here. The truth is ,i have A LOT to learn about both sides of my family history. So yeah, im extra hype about black history month and yes I am reading The Souls of Black Folk , and i really am saving up for another Panamanian excursion.

I love this history and i love myself. I mean really thought, How many Black Hispanic Georgia Boys do you know? Shoot i only know 1. [well, besides my brothers lol]

peace love& empowerment

Afro pop fusion

I think i may have found a new genre to delve into.
Afro pop, i love agile guitars and the drums. This group is Vampire Weekend, they are afro pop inspired. Funny how i got turned on to afro pop from some white ivy leage kids. Go fig

Man up

When faced with almost insurmountable odds, the measure of a man is how he faces the task. There comes a point when all words and intent mean nothing; now is the time to DO IT.



Perpetual failure is the worst feeling fathomable. This feeling of drowning is equatable to struggling in a sea of ineptitude and fighting to stay afloat by clinging all types of false hopes and quick fixes. Every new set back stinging your soul with the brackish water of self loathing. Its like drowning on dry ground; yet this drowning doesn’t kill the body. This drowning victim is your soul. Its a fate far worse than falling down a tritely ever endless abyss, for with this demise you know how you’ll meet your maker; you see your end from the very beginning, this demise is worse than death.

I wish i could wax philosophically or blindly say that everything is gonna be alright; but the realist in me says that to make it, things must change. To over come, self as I know it must be lain down. Life as i know it must cease; because this life is wrought with failure and continuing down this path will only lead me to destruction. In such perilous times its hard to maintain the faith; especially when said faith has been shaken to its fragile and blithely cultivated core.

so i press on, bid. I do so not because of some effervescent hope that burns deep with in, I do it simply because i must…

[is this the spark cost the of greatness that i so longingly search for, does it take this much back breaking anguish to unlock the potential within? I’m plagued with countless questions and yet i have an exponentially increasing deficit of answers]


Great Vid

I wish i could claim this find for myself but i found it on the kanye blog.



2008… wow

So i’ve been thinking about this year and how it has so much potential. I have this great opportunity to try to better myself.As a Christmas present to myself, I picked a biography of Stokely Carmichael. I think that reading about the lives and times of revolutionary men will help me in my quest for greatness [yeah, i dream bit YOU should too]. Everyone has a time in their life where they reach a crossroad, a “eureka” moment; that changes the course of their life forever. I like to read about visionary people because there is something about these men and women that sets them apart from regular people. Maybe its a fire burning inside or a passion that empowers them to become something more than “average”.

Im goin to bed