Cold War

love this chick with her crazy little self

In love

I love Emanuela De Paula

All the rage in Harlem

Zoe Saldana is great. She is one of the few black actresses to actually cross over into the main stream in a while. She is pretty awesome (the fact that she is afro-latino is also pretty dope too).

 The pics below are from a vanity fair shoot from last summer


de verdad = the TRUTH

Sofia Vergara

the colombian beauty from my new favorite show, Modern Family

Late nite delight

Saw this amazing pic of Bar Refaeli on terry richardsons blog.

She is amazing

Girl of the Moment

Only because I’m in the mood for Asian lol

Meet Jarah Mariano, a Hawaiian/Chinese/Korean model that is drop dead gorgeous.
I’ve obsessed over her before and since she is still hot, She deserves the title of Girl of the Moment

check out her Sports Illustrated model profile for more.