I need Diplo to remix my life


Beastie Boys ft Santigold

11 minutes of sweetness


Good nite



Julian Lage is a monster


you gotta believe in something…

New James Blake

and a lil something else

Summer Natives

ok… now this is good nite


Jazz Day

On my off day I’ve been chillin like crazy. I’ve been on the couch watching¬†Wimbledon, caught the Brazil win in Women’s World cup and got to scour the web for some great music.

The three artists I’ve been looking at today are Danilo Perez, Christian Scott and Coltrane.

I’ve found some good lesser known tracks, which I’ll probably download once I get some $$$. I really appreciate this down time now. The first few days on night relief really tired me out.

well, until later my friends.

Lagrimas = Tears