La Grandeza = Greatness

Tonite was one for the record books. It happened so randomly but played out perfectly. People just went with the flow and things worked out. There could have been some other people there, but the mix was just right. We will have stories from tonite to reminisce on for years to come.

Its Nights out like these that I will truly miss when I leave the DMV.

class of 2011 te quiero

good nite

Sabroso = Tasty

Dang, I really outdid myself yesterday. I did it so well, that I had to do it again today lol.

I made up a new recipe. I made a honey peach glazed tilapia fillet. I usually dont like cooking with tilapia but it worked perfectly. I dont know where my inspiration came from, but it was SO dang good. I also made a basil pepper rice to go along with the protein.

boy o boy