10 hot things (special edition)

I recently started my 4th and final year of medical school. At times it has seemed painfully long and at other times exquisitely short. Some days seem to last forever, while other moments are fleeting. My time has been  filled with many joys and pains that I could have never seen coming. The beauty of the fight is that at the end I know I have been made a better, stronger more caring and grounded individual. I’ll be blogging from different places and experiences this year. I will have interviews all over the country and will hopefully see some great sights. I’ve been gone from the blog for a while, and will probably be gone for a little longer, since I have major exams coming my way.

But in the mean time enjoy the 10 amazing things that have been bouncing in my head for the past few days…

There is so much good music out, old and new. These are just three I really like at the moment
-The first song has no vid. its the POWER remix. I heard people talking about it and had to hear it for myself follow the link to hear the song and download it…
Power Remix
-The second song is just Great

-The final song is another old bolero song. These boys sing with everything they have

Bar Dupont

a trendy, nice place, that is far from U street lol

– Stuff-
I love these Head Phones, I’ve been thinking about investing in some classic head phones for a while.
These happen to be blue and have a microphone for use with a phone… SCORE

The new season of MAD MEN. Looks like everyone is branching out and making it happen.

I recently re-watched I love you Man. I love that movie, man. Its the toats mcgoats!
I also wanna see Scott Pilgrim, first thing after my exam.

The new issue of Complex features some giants in the world of fashion/photo blogs. All of their blogs are great.  I especially like JJJound. follow the link to the complex webside for pics and links.
Unique Views
JJJound pics:

New Dress a Day Blog is a blog about a girl who took 365 dollars and 365 old ugly dresses and makes new stuff from them, each and everyday. And the stuff looks pretty good too. I like how creative it is, its all girls stuff, but props go where they are deserved. This lady is pretty talented. [warning, you may end up clicking for hours lol]

I’ve been off on my recreational reading as of late. I do plan on finishing up on the reading I was doing before 3rd yr med school ish it the fan. I also think i want to start on the David Sedaris collection. Everyone swears he so freaking funny, so I gotta check it out for myself.

I also want to read My Little Blue Dress a book by Bruno Maddox, he wrote of a pretty cool GQ piece from a few months back.

Spanish/Latin food has always been my soul food. Now before you go and crucify me, Let me state that I also southern american soul food. Its a close second in terms of my favorite culinary style, and it will always have a special place in my heart (and arteries lol). I just like latin food a little more. The food tends to be lighter, not so gravy soaked and it has a large emphasis on fresh seafood. I also like the street food, those small tasty little fried or roasted snacks that are part of 3rd world culture.
That said, I had an amazing Spanish Bistek (steak) the other day for restaurant week at Bodega, in Georgetown. Definitely one of the best I’ve ever had, in short, It was like budda baby lol


The Seabreacher: available in a 155hp, dolphin-inspired J model, or the more badass, shark-boddied 266hpX model, these submersible watercraft can reach up to 50mph on the surface and up to 25 mph submerged. I found these on, I am  ENTHRALLED

Last week I posted a quote by Thoreau “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams…”, this is going to be one of my mantras for this final year in school. Sometimes I find it very difficult to navigate this career path and I guess life in general. You grow up with dreams and ideas of how your life will end up. You have a vision for yourself and your family, how you will live, what you will do. But that little dream for yourself never included the steps it took to make it or any of the people you’d meet and lose along the way.

As a christian I can easily see the parallel between my personal life and spiritual life easily. Its about belief and dedication and faith. A faith in the system and a faith in god that things will work out. Its so hard to move forward when you dont know exactly what is in front of you. I dont wanna get all deep and stuff [cause I have to go back to studying]. I just want to say that life is all about growth. Growing and changing. Becoming the person you’ve wanted to be and even surpassing that person. Its about forgetting all the doubts and negativity and focusing on what is here in front of you. Focusing on the NOW and the beauty that surrounds you. Yes, Im in a predicament but its a wonderful one to be in.

I will not be scared anymore, I dont have time. I will not have doubt, I do not have the room and I will not worry, because I have other things to think about.

Im going to live this wondrous life I have imagined for myself, and I hope you start live yours too.

My Theme For This School Year

I pray

Im worried… so I pray
I pray I find  what I’m to find
I pray I meet whom I should meet
I pray I love whom I should love
I pray for meaning
I pray for peace
I pray
I pray all this is not in vain
I pray You hear me, I pray you near me