All the rage in Harlem

Zoe Saldana is great. She is one of the few black actresses to actually cross over into the main stream in a while. She is pretty awesome (the fact that she is afro-latino is also pretty dope too).

 The pics below are from a vanity fair shoot from last summer


Looking Things Over

[I saw the movie and heard this earlier today, simply beautiful]

Why does it seem that the more you try to make sense of things the more convoluted they appear. I’ve had a lot of time to myself over the past few months; I’ve been doing a lot of introspection and going over all these things in my head. At times I find myself feeling hopeful and other times feeling overwhelmed. Its not that I feel scared or worried; its just that Im going into the unknown and facing realities and uncertainties and I feel lost.

Not that I’ve lost my way or that Im in the wrong place. But lost, as in not here.


I’ve asked myself all of those self doubting questions and I’ve already been reassured that I will be ok. This isn’t about school or work. What this is, is something else. I know I have what it takes and I know everything will “be alright”; its just the other things in life that have me so shook.  My problems are real, yet I cant describe what they are.

Its like I’m missing a piece of me, but I dont know what it is. How can I look for it, when I dont know what I’m looking for…. Either way, when I find it I know I’ll feel whole again.

 Its just the most odd feeling in the world, to not feel whole.

UNIS spring/summer 2010

Great stuff comin outta Unis this season.

Dope Ish

chevere = cool

Im not big on jewelry on dudes. Maybe its my up bringing, or maybe its just cause it can look costumey or girly.


I was surfin the web and found some pretty cool stuff at the rouges gallery online store. They have some cool pieces that I could probably bang with. They look pretty cool, they are kinda understated and they are made with real stuff [no stainless steel over there lol]. Before I make a move on them i gotta decide between the “Fuck yeah” and the “Pure and True” lol



old school