Cinco Cosas

Its about that time. One of my favorite things to do on my blog is post my 5 hot things. They run the gamut of my favorite subjects. This weekend was a particularly interesting one, not for anything social, just for some things I’ve seen and opinions I’ve heard expressed. I’ve had a few existential weekends but this one has been one for the memory books. But I’ll get to that later…

I was late catching on to Modern Family, a pretty buzzworthy comedy that I have to say is my favorite thing on TV now. The characters are perfect and the dynamic the show captures is something TV exec dreams are made of. It has comedy and some of the most heart warming moments you could ask for but they never go into the realm of sappy or kitschy.

another song from Christian Scott. This dudes music is transcendent

For the longest I’ve liked bright colors and a little “street wear” when it came to casual dressing. I think I’ve pretty much totally moved away from “street wear” and now I get stuff that fits my active twenty-something lifestyle. As I get older I find myself drawn to clean grays, neutral tones and deep blues.  This dude has great style, he was on the backyardbill photo blog.

Currently reading Down These Mean Streets by Piri Thomas.
Its a autobiography by Thomas, a Afro-Latino guy who grew up in NY in the middle of the 20th century. He faced many of the demons of street life. He also had to face many realities of the time, consequences of his own actions, addictions and his own identity formation. I like the book because it details the beautiful contradiction, of being both black and hispanic, not in a 50/50 kinda way; but that years of slavery and rape that has spawned a whole race of people with varying shades of skin, hair textures and race complexes kinda way. What I call the beautiful contradiction is the struggle to walk the line between self realization/identity, ethnicity and pride for country and kin. Its a struggle for self acceptance and the reality that in this country being both is almost viewed as an oxy moron. Its a coming to terms with the fact that the mere perception of claiming one group more than the other is considered by some as a total dismissal of other and an insult.

 Back to the book, which itself a good read. The dialog is superb. Its very in the moment, you are always aware of the period in time that this story is happening in and you can actually almost hear the characters voices. His seamless use of spanglish and his nuanced jive  really bring you into the story and their lives. This story has potential to be a movie, but I guess not many stories about poor black/spanish people get much attention, no matter how good.

– Food For Thought-
I just purchased another book by a young author called Losing My Cool by Thomas Chatterton Williams. Its about hip hop culture, its affects on black culture and the state of young black america.
I haven’t read it so I cant talk much about its contents but Amazon has an interview with the author and I found a youtube vid of the author giving an interview while he was still a grad student at NYU.

Enjoy both and think about it
[scroll down the amazon page for the interview]

there are two parts watch both lol

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