5 hot things…. HOT AS HELL EDITION

The weather has been CRAZY this week. DC has had record temps up to the 90s. So in the spirit of the heat wave, which has currently resolved, I’ll post my top warm weather things that are currently on my radar [or in my closet lol]

I bought a red chambray shirt from american apparel this week. I like chambray and i love blue, for some reason the red one looks super cool though, so I went for it since its something different and a great piece of clothing.

I think I will judge a book by its cover and start out of order in my next task of reading Chinua Achebe. A man of the people  is not his first book but I like the cover so much, I think I’ll start reading his canon a little off.

Musically Im all over the place, as most of you already know. Im currently still listening to Teen Dream, the Beach House album a lot. I found a live performance of Real Love, and fell for that song all over again. But the song Im really lovin right now is Love King by The Dream, I have a feeling his new album will be killin it this summer.

I’ve always loved Nom de Guerre, They have a great military inspired theme. I stumbled upon their Spring/Summer 10 lookbook

Carpe Diem, Goin to NY tomorrow on a whim.
Im trying something new and acting on first impulses.


About julian watkins
I'm a young doctor living in the Miami area. I try to live life to the fullest every day. I love music, movies, art, running, politics, books, traveling, pretty girls and cool looking stuff. I started this blog in Medical School and I'll try to keep it up throughout my residency. I'll take everything one day, one photo, one song at a time.

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