5 hot things: SNOWED IN EDITION

Its the freaking snow storm of the century in DC. We’ve had three major snows in the past three weeks. The last record breaker, we had over 20 inches, we weren’t even dug out from that and now this, this BLIZZARD that has been pounding DC since last night. Well, needless to say, Im snowed in and dreaming of warmer days and better times. This is my 5 hot things for the coldest, snowesiest times of the recent history.

Band of Outsiders spring 2010 collection. The photo shoot features Dave Franco and Donald Glover and Leslie Mann.  I love Band of Outsiders their youthful retro/refined feel is executed perfectly. One thing i know for sure is that once I’m making some change, im gonna invest in one of their suits.

I’ve had a lot of free time on my hands this week. So i’ve done alot of song searching. I remembered a song from a 90’s movie that we all know. Selena, lol, i know im opening the door for mexican jokes but whatever, Como la flor  is pop goodness and pretty catchy. disculpa!

as i said, I’ve had a lot of free time. So i watched some old movies on demand, like three lol.

Movie #1: Breakfast at Tiffany’s, I don’t know how I have NEVER seen this classic, but i went 25 years. The movie is great. The style of the movie is something that stuck out so much. Every body rants and raves about Audrey Hepburn in that movie, she was good and always looked good. But Paul/Fred was holding his own the whole movie, skinny ties, great suits, dude was always pretty slick.

Movie #2: Love Field, a 1992 movie staring Michelle Pheiffer and Dennis Haysbert. Its a small movie that covered alot of issues. It was set in the days surround JFKs funeral. Pheiffers character is a simple, genuine and well meaning dallas native who idolized the kennedys and  sneaks away from her small town existence to attend the funeral. She meets Haysberts character and his daughter on the bus, hes making the trip up on a more personal business. He was in dallas to save his daughter from a very unsavory situation. The story ensues and they make the road trip running from police and facing the perils of the day that any black man and white woman would face traveling together in the 1960s.

Movie # 3: Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner,
I saw the original that featured Kathrine Hepburn and Sidney Poitier. I’ll just say that it is MUCH better than the remake. The dialog was great, I just found the language funny. The way they approach the touchy topics was interesting, they way they danced around race and the “color problem”.

I saw a documentary on HBO called This is My Africa, its a British documentary with 20 londoners who are african or friends of the continent. They talk about Africa and culture and music and books and their experiences and just give a great multi national view of the continent. I have to go to Africa some time soon.
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Staying warm… It is so damn cold outside and the wind and snow are not letting up any time soon.
So yeah, staying warm and cozy and bundled up is the hottest trend I know [pun intended]

peace & love

whats the world coming to?

Lady GaGa dollars? lol
It is pretty creative, so on that point I can’t hate lol


love this


I’ve known for a while that I have been entering manhood. Not in a physiological sense, more like in a mind body and soul kinda way. I think the major transition came with medical school, in undergrad i was basically nothing more than a big teenager. Not to abate my level of maturity, for the time and circumstances, i was pretty on advanced; Its just that now, as real life decisions and major events occur, I am realizing that what I have come a long way. From a pretty early age I had an idea of who I was and what i stood for, and after much growth I can finally say that I am pretty comfortable in my own skin. It took cutting a few lose ends and breaking away from old habits but I am finally at a that point where nothing phases me and I have a set way of being me.

What im so pensive about for this year is the fact that in this short first month of the year, i have seen and witnessed so many humbling events. My emotions have run the gamut of emotion, Be it hearing of the precitpious death of a loved one, the failing health of a relative, to the high of winning a scholarship and going home for a flash of respite. One thing is for sure, the devastation of the Haitian earthquake hit me hard. I have NEVER cried from anything on TV but i found myself teary eyed after watching Anderson Cooper report on the rescue of a little girl. Hearing her scream from under the rubble and seeing the pure joy on her face when she was finally freed, i will never forget that image, that moment. My heart hurts for them.

I already predicted that this year will be a big year, one that will play a major part in the rest of my story. As I even type these words I find myself scared, because of what may be. Earlier as I wrote about the potential this year has to offer, I must admit that I was only thinking about the good that could come, but after the month of January, Im realizing that the sun wont always shine forever and that rain clouds will come. I just pray that with whatever else comes my that I ,and the ones I love, can handle it.

Back to my starting point, this thursday I will be 25. And as I look at everything in my life, I realize that I have set myself up to be a major figure in the lives of my family and other people. My calling/profession will give me  a huge amount of responsibilty and it is something that I do not take likely. I know that this responsibility is something I want and was made for, I just hope that as thing go on and life keeps moving, that I can be man enough to stand up and be the authority figure/ caregiver /son / brother / husband / father / friend that I am supposed to be. Because sooner than later, I know that I will be wearing all of those hats and maybe a few more that I havent even thought of.

thoughtfully yours,

stuff i found today

This Billie Holiday song is magnificently sad

Carlsson C25
[pure metal sexy]

also found
they have great live sets by a lot of bands… I could look/listen/explore this place for days lol