The new album from the most hyped band of 07,Vampire Weekend,  is due out next tuesday. They have the entire album, Contra, streaming on myspace
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The  CD has that great sing-a-long quality that I love about VW.  With Contra they have obviously grown. They didnt stray too far away from their original sound on most tracks, which is great, they just experiment with a few more genres and  sounds [even a little autotune [thankfully its NOT in a very T-pain way]
There are a few gems that stick out though besides the killer lead singles, Horchata and Cousins. 

-The aptly named song Holiday is great, it feels like a banger to blast while driving away from school at the end of the year, its def gonna make a few summer soundtracks. Speaking of which, God I miss summer, especially on a day like today… its freezing like hell outside.

Taxi cab has a sleepy 80s pop feel, the strings and piano give it this great energy which is different from other VW stuff but a great change.

Run has the classic VW sound just with extra layers of goodness added to the production.

Verdict: overall I give it a solid NICE [lol] and pretty much I cant wait to get if from amazons mp3 store next week.

*** if you want an afro popy band with real Africans check out these dudes

se vive una vez = you only live once

I love bolero


that is all… for now