primos = cousins

tarde = late

It feels like its been a while since I posted words to the blog. I guess I’ve been caught up in the spin of takin the PEDS shelf and my ethics paper. But praise Jah its over. I like ethics but the timing was ALL wrong. All together I had 15 pages [luckily I liked the topic], but I feel so releaved to be done with it. Hopefully I get a great score on it.

What else happened… O yeah, PRECIOUS. I saw the movie and it was excellent. The acting was magnificent. Monique and Gabourey Sidibe were great, the rest of the cast was great too. The content of the movie wasnt all sunshine and lolly pops and some parts of the movie were hard to watch. But the truth isnt always easy to stomach. What she went through isnt anything new. There are people who live that life, it is their reality. I think its something that people dont want to think about. One of those unspoken/ignored truths. People living in America, the most powerful country in the world, are illiterate and living generation to generation off of welfare with no real dreams or way out. There are people who literally live in hell. The movie moved me, not in that “O i wanna do better”; i was just moved and it really reaffirmed my passion to get out and do more. I know you cant save everyone, but I know what I was meant to do and In some way I know that I am supposed to do more.

Music this week was pretty good. I heard two new vampire weekend tracks, I cant wait till they drop their album Contra January 12th. The new Beach house song i posted earlier is great too [2010 is gearing up to be a good year for music]. In retro music news, i got a D’angelo greatest hits CD which is dope. That dude has some great stuff. Besides all of that i’ve just been looking at old stuff. Ella Fitzgerald singing Midnight sun is something to check out.

Finally, I just wanted to talk about how excited I am for this weekend. My parents are coming, and on saturday we are going ot NY to watch the Lion King on Broadway! This will be my first Broadway show, so I am extra hype. Yeah , so I guess after I get back I can get all of the things I’ve ever needed for the crib and some groceries. So Double score lol

aight Im goin to bed, i gotta get some serious work done tomorrow

peace & love

P.S. The Jay Leno Show SUCKS… that is all

Playa = Beach

Beach house has a new single from their upcoming album, Teen Dream. It sounds like old Beach house but has a newer vibe to it. Still spacey and great though.



This cover of the youngbloods classic is pretty nice. I’ve always liked the original, its sound basically embodied the whole era for me. I love the lyrics too.

Get Together – Lizz Wright

beautiful song, You’d be nice to come home to, a Cole Porter cover by Nina Simone. Its entrancing, i could listen to it all day an probably not get tired.

Ron = Rum

this song, Jamaican Rum, is pretty perfect

Girl of the moment

Melanie Fiona

Man O’ Man… hot and can sing… what a mighty combo lol.

Melanie Fiona is a bad chick. She loses points for being Canadian, but makes up for it by being of guyanese descent lol [my grandpa was half]. Either way, she is on the up and coming and def worthy of the title of Girl of the moment.