This cover of the youngbloods classic is pretty nice. I’ve always liked the original, its sound basically embodied the whole era for me. I love the lyrics too.

Get Together – Lizz Wright

beautiful song, You’d be nice to come home to, a Cole Porter cover by Nina Simone. Its entrancing, i could listen to it all day an probably not get tired.

Ron = Rum

this song, Jamaican Rum, is pretty perfect

Girl of the moment

Melanie Fiona

Man O’ Man… hot and can sing… what a mighty combo lol.

Melanie Fiona is a bad chick. She loses points for being Canadian, but makes up for it by being of guyanese descent lol [my grandpa was half]. Either way, she is on the up and coming and def worthy of the title of Girl of the moment.

liberdad = freedom

There are people who hate to be alone. People who feel uncomfortable with their own thoughts. They need to feel connected to some other human being to feel at ease. Im not saying its a 24 hour thing, because short of conjoined twins, no one is ALWAYS around someone. I just mean people who cant go out to public places by themselves, like to the mall or movies or even grocery shopping. I’m not here to judge, I’m just realizing that this is a common thread in people. With all the technology we have we can stay “plugged in” and in contact with people every waking [and not so awake] moment.

And even if people can stand to be alone, there are some who even still cant bear to live without other forms of stimulation. Ipods and all other types of music players are another way people stay occupied. I guess right im saying this because I just want to ask the question, “why are we so afraid to listen to our own thoughts”, there is no one correct answer that may apply to the countless masses of people. Could the reason we have to listen to music or other people be that we are afraid of what WE think? Are we scared to miss some major event and be late to tweet/post it on facebook? Is it a comfort thing, something to calm our nerves like a pacifier or security blanket? There is no way to definitively answer but I have my own theory.

I think its a combination of all the things I said and more. I recently found myself at an event where i knew absolutely no one for a good time. I found myself faced with a choice, a crossroads if you will, I could either A) get up, walk around and talk to people or B) sit down and talk to people i already know through text/Blackberry messenger/facebook. Needless to say, i chose B; I made that decision for various reasons but at the crux of my decision was based on the same reason people can go a life time and not know their neighbors, its the reason why everyone stays “plugged in”. Technology has allowed us to walk around with an instant comfort zone at our beck and call. We can find just about anyone in a moments notice, and if the usual suspects dont respond, we can find spark up a convo with someone else in our contacts.

Well, there was a point this summer, it started when i was in Panama but lasted for weeks after, that I unplugged myself. I stopped carrying my phone and rarely checked facebook [like maybe a minute a day every 2-3 days….real talk], and email was looked at as needed. It was different at first, but I honestly liked the feeling. That awkward feeling is because we are so used to constantly being inundated with music, and texts, and messages, and advertisements; but you quickly get accustomed to it and enjoy how simple live is sans tech. I spent most of that time in silent introspection going over all types of things in my life. This past summer was a transitional period for me. I set out for it to be one, it just happened. It feels as if it was a series of rising actions, in the storybook of life, events that resulted in the protagonist going a totally different place than you [or he] thought he’d go. I don’t really know how i came to think of this tonight. But then again, its not like i know why i do alot of things.

When big decisions are coming up or if you are tired of everything [or maybe just one thing] sometimes “unplugging” everything, except the essentials and even still using those sparingly, may be exactly what you need to get your resolution. Taking time to focus on meditation and introspective analysis is cathartic. You’d be surprised all of the things you get done and how comforting it is to rely on your own faculties. A good week [or 3] of being unplugged will hit the spot and basically give you a mental reboot. Speaking of reboot, its getting late. And i need to take my tail to bed

so until some other time


The swinginest

I love Ella. Two vastly different takes on a standard. She does both masterfully.


the first one if from a live recording. She takes blue moon and sings the hell out of it in with a modern twist.

a more traditional version.



lol… i posted an imeem player of one of my favorite songs,Concierto de aranjuez, a while back. In retrospect i guess i shoulda just put the youtube vid of this 10 minute masterpiece. So here it goes, enjoy!

Home Body

Im cold and tired. And I dont wanna go anywhere, so im here surfin the web and I got 5 new things that are super cool and on my mind… here we go

Just saw my dad the other day and he had just finished reading the Edward Kennedy Memoir, True Compass. He said it was really good, so naturally i asked him if i could read it. I need a new potty reader lol. So yeah, after my PEDS and Psych
shelves i’ll start it.

-TV show-

Law and Order: SVU is just a really good show. I dont get to watch TV much at all, but if I can remember, I try my best to watch SVU. The actors are so comfortable and natural in their characters, because the show has been around for a while, and its believable. Not like 24 or some of these other shows, the SVU team will miss the bad guy and they dont have super human strength. Shit, sometimes they need saving their own selves.
I have a love hate thing with DC’s china town. I think its too small and too crowded to actually be a real “spot” for some reason i really do like some of the restaurants down there. I think my own new place is Bar louie, in right next to Verizon Center. The attitude is pretty chill and the food, though bar food, is GREAT. I’ve had sandwiches and appetizers and even an adult snow cone lol, but today i had the voodoo chicken for lunch and it was pretty much a home run. I’ll attach a link to the menu.

I dont know why but Im really contemplating on getting these Toms cordones [the ones with the shoe strings]. Everyone swears by them and I think i need a good knock around multipurpose shoe. I just gotta decide between the black and brown… I’ll probly get both and return the one i dont like
Activism. Not so much like storming capitol hill or anything, just activism in the sense of getting your proverbial “hands” dirty and doing stuff for the community. I guess I’m saying this because on the pediatrics clerkship we’ve done a fair amount of site visits. We go to child care facilities around DC and see how the run and I love the feeling i get. They are mostly really community centered and no so cookie cuter like some of the suburban places I’ve seen. They all have a unique feel thats kind of organic and pure. Idk, maybe i’m romanticizing a little too much, but I think i would love to spend time working in community centers and maybe one day open my own. who knows
aight back to dinner [coco puffs w/ soy milk]

A few things to get off my chest…

Ok, this whole Rihanna thing. I heard some people on the radio calling in to voice their opinions on her interviews and about how they conveniently coincide with her album release. I heard all types of opinions, the range were from asinine to enlightened to say the least. Well personally I have kept this same opinion since the whole thing came to the public. That is that, though he may have been provoked I think Chris Brown was outta line for going as far as he did. If she was whaling on him he had the right to defend himself, but he kicked her ass. Less of pulling out a gun or something, I doubt she provoked him enough for this to qualify as some justified whoopin. And in regards to the whole interview thing, her timing is kinda fishy, but you gotta look at it two different ways.

First off, she is a big star, regardless of peoples personal feelings on her or her talents, this woman is a star. With mass appeal that goes beyond R&B and the realm of black music. Stars like her come with a lot of earning potential and she has alot of people invested in her. So yeah i most definitely believe that some of her “handlers” are seizing this as an opportunity for a bump in album sales. On the other hand despite all of the hoopla, this is a girl. Not much younger than I, and she had to deal with physical assault and the scrutiny of the entire realm of pop culture. This infamous event has spent months as a headline. This embarrassing, intimate and hurtful moment in her life was broadcast for the world to see. So she not only had to deal with love lost and court and all of the physical and psychological things that came with the incident, but she also has to deal with it on the worlds stage.
One thing i liked about the little of the interview is that she realized that it had grown into something beyond her. She realized that countless people are watching and that her actions had a much broader reach and could potentially affect a lot of young girls who are in abusive relationships. I say kudos to her, yea it sucks that we live in the capitalistic/opportunistic world where people take advantage of every little chance to make money, but I think it says something to her character that despite the fact that she may have wanted to go back, she could see the bigger picture. She may not want to be, but she is a role model to someone. She sees what a lot of other artists dont; the things that these artists do make a huge difference in the lives of kids and these differences can be both bad or good. And yes though I know it sounds kinda iffy, I probly will buy her CD cause, real talk, rihanna has some good ass songs lol
aight, im done lol

Viva el 3 de noviembre

lol i def wasnt thinking about Panamanian independence day today, i guess until some zealous panameno came and put a note giving big ups to the celebration in espanol. I found it rather funny that though we are few, we Panamanians go hard lol

Dang Im tired as heck so im hittin the sack
good nite…
o enjoy this vid