I have a big DAY tomorrow post exam, i gotta put em down before I forget.
(the following is my itinerary, in no particular order) 

1. MOVIES!!! I need to see like 3 or 4 movies. Starting with Fantastic Mr. Fox, i also wanna see The Road, Ninja Assassin and  then either The Box or The Blind Side
(yeah, i got alot of sittin on my ass to do lol)

2. Handle Business, Sheesh, I have piles of bills, and tons of calls to make. Med school can really F up your ish. Not to mention the med school related stuff, i got a scholarship thing i gotta get sent out, i have to help with the senior citizen health fair thing. Ay ay ay 

3. Relax, somewhere in the brief 24 hour period that is tomorrow, i gotta relax. Go out and have a nice meal, not thanksgiving left overs (which i am still killin) and just chill. Maybe before the movie. Bar Louie anyone? 

ok, now back to the books

About julian watkins
I'm a young doctor living in the Miami area. I try to live life to the fullest every day. I love music, movies, art, running, politics, books, traveling, pretty girls and cool looking stuff. I started this blog in Medical School and I'll try to keep it up throughout my residency. I'll take everything one day, one photo, one song at a time.

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