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Hathaway covering Lennon = NICE

good nite

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i found a great site yesterday. Its an online mens magazine dedicate to cool stuff and links to get them.They all types of stuff, from a card board tube fighting league to the new toms cordones [which i’m probly gonna get]. This joint is a one stop for tons of cool web stuff.


5 hot things for Octubre

I cant believe its friggin near the end of October….

Where did the friggin time go? Dios mio, I feel like it was just friggin July and here we go again… I cant believe how soon 2010 is gonna be upon us. Im excited and scared [as usual lol] cause I know that 2010 is gonna be one of the biggest years for me, to date. I’ve grown so much this year, im excited to see how far i will have come this time next year. I plan on doing a lot of learning and setting things up for the future next year so watch out for big things…
ok back to the list lol
I am so torn. This week the new twilight CD came out. I Hate the twilight “saga”. Its some dumb lame fad that apparently came outta nowhere and swept the world by storm. I guess in a kinda high school musical way. I never heard anything about it and then one day, this shit blew up. Well anyway, i will not see the movie but I think Im gonna buy the soundtrack. Its got too many dope cuts to pass up, and besides i bought CDs for less good songs anyways
lol no fun reading time now. Im kickin it with Kaplan USMLE step 2 pediatrics lol
I want some boots for the winter, though i dont know how sound that purchase would be, seeing as how i dont spend much time away from the hospital and i probly wont get much wear outta them at the hospital. But anyways, i want a kinda rugged yet refined boot. So im probly gonna get some from LLBEAN. They got some pretty cool stuff and I think Ima get some dark brown ones. If not i’ll probly jus get some toms for my scrub work


I think Im gonna try getting away with wearing nice sweaters sans a tie this winter with my white coat. I sometimes get sick of always wearing a tie, especially on those long days where you dont leave for like 10 or so hours. It just feels more practical.
I like some J.crew sweaters I saw but maybe I’ll keep looking and find some with unique details or something.
I know earlier I wrote about being ethical and doing the right thing. And once today we got chewed out once again for people being slack on the rotation. Im just going to say from here on Im done. Im going to do my part and if that means picking up the slack then whatever, at the end of the day Im gonna be that much better and I will know that much more. Adults are gonna do what they want and sometimes they may seem to get away with stuff, but things always even out in the end. People get what they deserve, so im just gonna keep doing the right thing, in the face of whatever these people throw at me cause It can only make me better.
ok Im feeling a bit under the weather so let me get ready for bed.

when is enough enough?

I am not a perfect man. I never EVER claimed to be. But there are certain things that i try to live up. I am principled and even though sometimes i make bad personal decisions professionally and when it comes to other people, i tend to stick to my guns. If i say im going to do something I will do it. If i say i will be somewhere I try my damnedest to be there ON TIME. And when it comes to school fagetabout it.

I signed for medical school to learn. I want to take in all that I can so I can be the best doctor I can be. I know the importance of be professional and doing the right thing. More than anything that is what my up bringing has instilled in me, do the right thing, follow what i know is right and wrong, do right by people, respect your elders and those in authority, respect yourself, your family and god and represent yourself well. All of these things make this part of medical school run smoother. Cause at the end of the day, if you know ish, and stick to these rules above you should do fine.
Well, not everyone follows said moral standards. They cut corners and always try to find an easy way out. Never taking any responsibility or any ownership in their wrong doings. Someone else is always to blame and its never their fault. I dont know who [or what, for that matter] told them that someone in this world owes them something, cause NOBODY OWES you jack. People run around and think that their shit is so much more important than their fellow mans. They think that their time is SO much more precious than others. With blatant disregard they do wrong just because “they feel like it”.
Today I witnessed the culmination of a lot of things that I just dont like. Not to go into that much detail, but basically people fucked up. lol ok thats a little too succinct lol, People didnt hold up their end of the bargain. People dropped the ball and failed their classmates and the clerkship director by not showing up to stuff. And its not that it was that grave an error that we all had to get what we got, its that it was the straw that broke the proverbial camels back.
People have gotten away with murder for too long. People complain that people dont do the right thing, that people are lazy and everyone has an attitude. That you cant get nothing done because people dont do their jobs. But when you have an attended, who can be a bit gruff, who is on their game and who is about business and professionalism, you get grippers. You cant please anyone. How do grown people have the friggin nerve to complain and catch attitude even, when people start to do their jobs and enforce rules that they have been willfully and consistently breaking. Its like when you get a speeding ticket, can you really be mad at the cop if your ass was going 30 over?
The answer is no, and you can try to find any type of excuse or sob story but at the end of the day these are perilous times. We live in a world of accountability and especially going into the field of medicine, you cant cut corners and not be places. Its not just time and convenience that is at stake, its peoples lives and well being that we are dealing with. That one call you skip out on could be life and death for someone. That doctor that you blow off could be the very one fighting to try to get you scrambled into a match [real talk, my first memory of said attending was her working her ass off trying to get people scrambled into residency programs].
so basically im just saying do you job people. In what ever you do, just do it with respect because though you may not care about others and may not even care about how you appear to others. You are a reflection of someone, you didnt make it here by yourself. You never know who or what may cross your path in the future so just do what you must and then worry about all the other stuff later, there is always a time and a place for stuff.
ok rant done… i wish i could print this and hand it out lol
aw well
good night
peace & love


I am SO gonna read this lol


Weekend round up

Love this song [its where i got the blog name from lol]

Saw Where the Wild Things Are, it was great. Its very different but I loved that about it. I think it was over kids heads, cause as i sat in the movie the kids behind kept askin their mom all these damn questions. I think it was kinda made for my generation. Young adults who remember the book and are young enough to appreciate the imaginary world that Max lived in. It was beautiful, the cinematography and graphics of coarse were good. I also like how real Max was. He wasn’t a “hero” hes just a kid with an imagination. The movie was good, i’ll have to see it again.

This weekend I fell in love… with my leather jacket. I can see this is the start of a beautiful thing lol
I also have to say that I found a couple blogs that I will probly try to follow, they are “street fashion” blogs, you know the ones, like Thesartorialist, but they aren’t nearly as big and they have some pretty cool stuff.
I read the new GQ January Jones interview and she is great. Probly not my exact type or ideal woman, but I like her style. Its cool cause I only know her as Betty Draper, so I liked to see who she really is more beyond Mad Men. Speaking of GQ, i dont think i like their new site. Its too busy and I think they got rid of their little gem of a webshow In the closet, i know, it sounds gay but its not. It was cool, they talked about cool stuff and always had good advice… but what ever que sera sera …
Im officially halfway through pediatrics so that means i gotta buckle down and read my ass off. I want to do really well on this shelf exam, so Im going to start waking up early again and getting myself together, mind body and soul. I gotta stay focused and kill these last two years of school so i can better my chances for a good residency… where ever that may be [but thats another post for another day]
Last week was surprisingly hard. My parents were away on some Caribbean cruise and i couldn’t talk to them for like 10 days. I thought it wouldn’t be that bad, but i really did miss them. I guess you never really grow out of that. I missed them and the idea that they were right there a phone call away.
well its cold and getting late. [i know that the cold part is random, i just had to let yall know lol]
so im gonna start winding down so i can get an early jump on tomorrows business.
Hasta luego and good nite