Ready, Able


Yeah, its June first….already, And Im still trying to figure out where january-may went. Time is going by a little too fast for my liking. Not that I mind it, I just wanna be over and done with the boards and back to some kind of normal existence. I happy that my studies and stuff are going well, because Im demystifying some things that I was kinda confused about during the mad rush of second year. So i guess enlightenment is always a good thing

In other news… I love summer time. I like the warmth and I like the fact that i barely have to wear socks lol. Me and my big feet like to breath down there. I also like driving with the windows down with a good CD playing in the background. [speacking of which, i still cant get enough of the new Grizzly Bear… Ready, Able and Two weeks are my shit]. I really find joy in the simple things in life. So when i get back to normalcy I’ll sit down and read a couple books. I have my eyes set on finishing Candide, and the Stokely Carmichael biography.  I also recentlybought a book of poetry from the spanish poet Federico Garcia Lorca, Its a bilingual book so that should be good. 

The other day I bought a Journal, just a black hard back bound book. I wanna use it to start collecting my thoughts and ideas and stuff i like. I also think i wanna start drawing again, nothin too serious just doodles and stuff. IDK i just wanna do more stuff for me so yeah. Uh I guess I’ll get back on focus cause the final countdown has begun… so Im out..
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peace & love