Oh Yeah…

I almost forgot…The sartorialist recently posted something about one thing Im pretty into this season. Plaided coats. I recently bought a dark green buffalo plaid pea coat. It was fresh at first sight. I got it fitted cause otherwise it’d look like a jolly green giant. 

I also finally got to cop a chunky knit hat in royal blue [so you know im pleased with that]

<—- this is the hat but its cooler on me lol
Well Im bout to get ready for bed. We started the Gastointestinal Unit this week so Im hittin it hard and studying well. I’m making sure that everything works very well this semester because I have the boards coming up this summer and because i start physical diagnosis, and since i want to become a diagnostician this is pretty big. Im pretty excited to get my proverbial hands dirty. My preceptor is a family practioner so i should be fine, thats not too far off from an internist. 
So Before i bid a fare well i wanted to put yall up on game and post this song.

I have a real love/hate thing with nina simone. I love her songs but sometimes i cant get past her voice. I dont know, Im very tonal, if you get what im gettin at. I like the tone of voices. You dont have to be that great of a singer to impress me, i just like voices that sound good. But whatever, Its late and i got ish to do

P.s. : Q-tip+ Raphael Saadiq = Greatness 
Peace love & happiness

Escribir = to write

So i have a creative streak. I have a lot to say and i always have songs goin through my head [some original, some not]. Today i actually wrote one down. I guess i was inspired by a pretty dope song i heard from my homeboy. Its not my first written, nor is it the best but, I wanna put it out there for whomever.
Its called [Pointing out the sun]. I have the music all worked out in my head [ acoustic guitar and piano mainly w/a lil wheepy violin] but i guess all i can do now is post the words. 
[Pointing out the Sun]

You ask me if I love you
You question if I care
You ask me all these things 
-as if you’re not aware

Can an apple make a pie?
Are there clouds up in the sky?
Do the numbers start with one?
When its finished am I done?

To tell you that I love you feels like point out the sun

Does a bell know how to ring?
Is this a song I sing?
Is the Ocean very deep?
Do my heart, you own and keep?

To tell you that I love you feels like pointing out the sun

-peace and love-

Todopoderoso= Almighty

I love that word, Todopoderoso. It sounds cool, it even feels cool to say it. El todopoderoso es el senor, Es el que todo lo sabe, es el que todo lo ve. Thats all you have to accept and acknowledge, thats it. I know its hard to take yourself out of the equation and to yield yourself to his will. But when times are hard you feel all alone all we have is that inborn feeling; the one that knows without a doubt that there is a god who is bigger and greater than us. Shoot, Let me stop preaching lol

peace & love