Pointing out the sun

Geraldine Ferraro… Shes not saying anything new. She’s talking from a privileged upper class white elitist point of view. Mrs. Ferraro said some questionable things about Senator Obama and his race. I’m not perturbed as much that she would say it, I’m more upset that in doing so she tried to devalue and denigrate senator Obama’s character, personality and merit and reduce him to just a lucky person who is riding on some fad.

With Mrs. Ferraro fails to realize that absolutely NO ONE in this world would be in the position they are if it weren’t for their sex and/or race, shes basically pointing out the sun. What she has done is commit a classic miss step that privileged people have done for years. They try to talk candidly about race, they try to act as if they can level with people and talk about “real things”. What Mrs. Ferraro and others who’ve made similar comments fail to realize is that race/gender/nationality are things that we have no control over. We cant pick and choose who we are, what gender we are, or where we are born; but all of these things are integral parts of who we are. They fail to realize that many people of other races and socio-economic groups face facts and realities of life that they only read about or see on the 6 o’clock news.

In her derisive comments and her attempt to abate senator obama; she cheapened her own accomplishments, she reduced Senator Clintons merit and she outed herself as a closeted bigot. She acts as if his being a black man is a political plus. When in all actuality, if senator obama was white the only focus and media attention would be on his issues and campaigning. Every other primary wouldn’t focus so strongly on his command of the “black vote” and people wouldn’t talk about how clean he looks or how well he speaks. No one would be in the same position they are in politically, socially or financially if they were anything or anyone other than themselves. And for her to say that people are only attacking her because she’s white is such a half truth. We are attacking her because shes foolish, indignant and WHITE.

The things that makes white privilege a privilege is that those with it don’t even know they have it. Its just an unspoken fact of life for them. Its in their subconscious. She can sit around an spew all her ignorance and claim that people are being racists to her; This lady couldn’t even BEGIN to realize what racism in America is [ I’m actually offended that she’s pulling the race card]. The fact of the matter is that she will NEVER know how it feels to be a black man [or any minority for that matter] she will never know anything else besides her lily white upper class elitist way of life, to say that his race is the only thing that got Senator Obama this far utterly absurd. The fact that he made it this far,as a black man, speaks even more as testament of his abilities, persistence and character.

But hey who am I to judge? If this is what she wants to be remembered for than by all means lady, go ahead.

Who’s gonna save my soul

new gnarls barkley track

What a mash up

this is great


Arcade Fire givin a Free Obama Support concert




last nights SNL with Vampire weekend was great.
I love Amy Poehler.

[its probably only funny it you watch project runway]

Before Bed

Oh yeah, before i knock out. I wanted to put yall on game about the new stussy spring 08 its tight and here are two of the shirts i copped… so far

good nite


That life altering shit. You know, the stuff that can send you any way and will most definitely affect the course of your life. Well i got some of those things in my mind and im still tryin to make sense of it all. I wont get too deep into it but yeah.

its real late


foune her on myspace a while ago. And saw her new video on the kanye blog.


5 hot Things

Its been a helluva long time since i posted my 5 cosas, but i was in a holding pattern [neuro to be exact]. So im done with neuro and trying to saturate my brain with cardio. Anyway, here are my 5 hot things, they are extra caliente cause they are long over due.

I like finding new artists and junk, but sometimes its good to go back and rediscover established artists. You know the dudes you know and like but dont know [or own] that much of their stuff. Well i copped a Blackstar cd with mos def and talib [its great by the way] and i also bought an itunes essential mix of the Strokes [equally as gnarley]. So thats that, Re-aquainting yourself to established artists is dope.

It was hot this week in DC. So i was thinkin about spring, i think that tank tops are gonna be pretty hot this year. Retro lookin shirts are gonna be whats up… I guess i gotta dust of the guns lol

Glow in the dark tour is like 2 months away. But im ready, im so f’in ready lol

Yeah, im months away from gettin inked up. Its official. Ima take the plunge. After i finish my summer school trek ima get it. No Hay Duda


So say I

Making it through this year has been one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. Im not all the way in the clear for the year but by mid summer i should hopefully be ready for all my obligations and just ready to move on. I’ve learned a lot over these past few months, I oddly have 2 and a half months left [in class] but i dont feel nowhere near done. Neuroanatomy was excruciating, i barely updated this blog, i got sick, i barely slept and i felt the anxiety problems rearing their ugly face. Hopefully when we get out grades everything will be A-Ok and i can fully commit to this last unit.

It feels good to be doing pretty well in school, i need to move further away from my borderline activities but beyond that i still feel pretty good about the rest of the year and everything. I dont really have anything new or witty to say as of yet, just sayin whats good with me. I’ll post some cool stuff later tonite.

peace & love