Enough is enough


Living in a major metropolis you’re bound to see a lot of crazy things. Being from the Atlanta area i have had my fare share of encounters with bums. But for some reason the DC bums are in a league ALL of their own (maybe cause Crack is the Drug dujour but whatever). I mean we’ve seen the pursuit of happyness with Will Smith and his nappy headed hoe i mean son…lol. So i know that the plight of every bum isn’t self inflicted so i can feel for some of the bums… SOME

It seems like you can’t walk anywhere in DC without running into a bum. These bums have an odd fixation with quarters, not even dollars, the dudes live for quarters. Ive seen a bum woman ask an entire restaurant for a friggin quarter. (I dont know what the hell she was tryin to buy with a quater…but I digress) You try to do your christianly duty of giving them what ever change or dollars you have but its NEVER enough. You’d think after years of bumming someone would actually take some initiative.

Im sick of bums. One night a group of us went out we were walking down the street to another establishment. We were joking and laughing and i was making a very physical joke, that called for a little dance to be done, when all of a sudden RANDOM ANGRY saxaphone bum came out of nowhere and started hating on me. The dude was asking the girls i was with, “yall think thats sexy? Huh in my neiborhood that aint shit, blah blah blah… got a quarter?” it didnt even register what was goin on because the shock had us all like “What the hell?”.

Sheesh, last night after leaving a The Dinner,in Adams Morgan, a friend of mine gave half of her chicken sandwich to a bum. He snatched that ish and said, “that’ll do”. We shoulda snatched that ish back and stomped the hell out of it. Im SO through with bums. MAN, F bums. Holler at the homless shelter,scrub that ass, and shave. Save up all those damn quarters and buy a mint. Dammit!

Soul Stiring

What ever happened to music that meant something? Those songs that make you feel goose bumps and stir your soul. Old ballads and laments of love lost or unrequited trists. Nowadays everyone wants a hot beat or a remix with the hottest people out. Are all the lyricist dead? I hope not and when ever i find a song with soul best believe i’ll be on limewire when the track is finished.

RiP Pavarotti

Diary of an Ex-Hipster…

I was youtubeing,the other day, and i found a pretty funny clip called “the hipster olympics”. Its some spoof thing making fun of hipsters and their counter culture. I laughed a lot case i realized that more of that junk applied to me then i thought.

I think the modern “hipster movement” is one of the cultural landmarks of our generation. Just like the hippies, beatniks and punks. Vh1 is going to do an “I love the 00’s” on this shit. lol. I think that a lot people are hipters in their own right. Degrees of hipsterdome vary and have their own regional or cultural nuances.

Being a hipster just happens. (I mean, Without realizing it i started doing all these things like Blogging, The myspace photo sessions, skinny jeans, tee shirts, vintage stuff, bar hopping and music mongering) You know whats good with the mainstream, but you still hate the estabishment. You have political views, you may even have a couple “causes” worth fighting for. You hate Bush and never watch MTV for the music. So what do you do? You do what you can to set yourself apart from the mainstream, but in the end, you end up looking like everyone else trying to do the same thing. Its a lose-lose situtation.

I think that this hipster junk is ok. I mean its cool for everybody else. I even claimed to be a hipster as a joke. But now i realize thats its kinda un-cool to be labeled so yeah- Later for that. I’m denouncing my hipster status. I have MUCH better things to do… like surf the web for obscure bands before they sell out. ..lol




Being in school and staying in library till odd hours of the night (every night), we live for the weekend up here. The weekends are a time to chill, get your mind off school and actually enjoy the DMV. This video is a prime example of weekend time well spent.

Adrianne Doctor Princess Pimpalicious Artis is the star of the show




I have NEVER had to study this hard for anything in my life. Everyone says medical school is no joke, Dammit thats an undestatement. This has been one of the toughest periods of time in my life. If one more thing gets phosphorylated or dehyrated im going to hit somebody in the thoat. lol

be easy


Ghetto Revival?

I was checkin out the latest issue of complex ( a GREAT magazine by the way) and i happened upon an add for the fall line at puma. Its all early hip hop influenced. Im all for ghetto revivals, throw backs and all that junk. But wasn’t hip hop originally supposed to be more than just gimics, girls, gold and ad campains? This reminds me off the common song ” i used to love H.E.R” .

Livin in DC i see A LOT of kids runnin around lookin like this. Real 80’s and junk, dookie chains bright colors and the gumbies. I can get down with the look, its fly. I just hate when it looks all costumey and junk.

Hip hop is supposed to be more than this. Now Im not claimin to be no hip hop afficionado or nothin cause im from the burbs and i do watch my MTV. Im just sayin that we look like posers playin dress up if we dont try to enact the change and spread a message like the people we are getting this ish from. I know cash is king, but its nice to believe that sometimes morals and messages actually mean something.

thats all for today
check this video




In life there are A LOT of things that are funny. I love a good joke. And there are some comedians out there that push the limits and say some of the funniest ish, but nothing beats a good ol’ unplanned fall. People getting caught off guard is somehow SO funny to me. Thank god for youtube cause i can sit for hours and just look for funny things. These two clips had me rollin last night.