Being in school and staying in library till odd hours of the night (every night), we live for the weekend up here. The weekends are a time to chill, get your mind off school and actually enjoy the DMV. This video is a prime example of weekend time well spent.

Adrianne Doctor Princess Pimpalicious Artis is the star of the show




I have NEVER had to study this hard for anything in my life. Everyone says medical school is no joke, Dammit thats an undestatement. This has been one of the toughest periods of time in my life. If one more thing gets phosphorylated or dehyrated im going to hit somebody in the thoat. lol

be easy


Ghetto Revival?

I was checkin out the latest issue of complex ( a GREAT magazine by the way) and i happened upon an add for the fall line at puma. Its all early hip hop influenced. Im all for ghetto revivals, throw backs and all that junk. But wasn’t hip hop originally supposed to be more than just gimics, girls, gold and ad campains? This reminds me off the common song ” i used to love H.E.R” .

Livin in DC i see A LOT of kids runnin around lookin like this. Real 80’s and junk, dookie chains bright colors and the gumbies. I can get down with the look, its fly. I just hate when it looks all costumey and junk.

Hip hop is supposed to be more than this. Now Im not claimin to be no hip hop afficionado or nothin cause im from the burbs and i do watch my MTV. Im just sayin that we look like posers playin dress up if we dont try to enact the change and spread a message like the people we are getting this ish from. I know cash is king, but its nice to believe that sometimes morals and messages actually mean something.

thats all for today
check this video




In life there are A LOT of things that are funny. I love a good joke. And there are some comedians out there that push the limits and say some of the funniest ish, but nothing beats a good ol’ unplanned fall. People getting caught off guard is somehow SO funny to me. Thank god for youtube cause i can sit for hours and just look for funny things. These two clips had me rollin last night.



My new blog

Hello everyone,
Welcome to my blog. Im a 22 year old first year medical student, from Georgia, who recently relocated to the DC-Maryland-Virginia area. I have a lot to say and a lot going on and i think this blog is the best outlet to keep friends updated and to just let my voice be heard.
I hope to update this blog as much as possible. I’m on facebook and myspace but i dont have time to keep looking at all of that stuff. So keep posted and i’ll keep you posted on life in the DMV, life in medschool and life in general stuff like Politics, movies, fashion, sports, music, God and girls. Yuh know basically everything that makes the world go round